Disability Studies Minor


Elizabeth Wheeler, Director
238 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall

Disability studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary minor that considers disability as a civil and human rights issue, an identity, a community, a history, and a form of critical analysis. Disability studies investigates how different cultures define normality and abnormality in terms of bodies and minds, and how the resultant distinctions impact peoples’ everyday lives. Rather than approaching disability as a problem in need of a cure, disability studies as a field understands disability as a defining human experience that offers unique perspectives on culture and society. It explores issues and histories from the viewpoints of disabled people and communities, in intersection with other identities like race, class, gender, and sexuality.

Minor in Disability Studies

The minor in disability studies prepares students for a growing range of careers through study of disability and deaf cultures, politics, and histories in fields such as international development, health, design, sign language interpreting, education, and nonprofit management. The interdisciplinary program of study ranges across the university, and many courses fulfill university general-education, multicultural, and second-language requirements.

Course work required for the minor must be passed with grades of mid-C or better. At least 12 of the required 24 credits must be taken at the University of Oregon; at least 12 must be upper-division credits.

ENG 240Introduction to Disability Studies4
Choose three from the following list of courses on social models: 112
Second-Year American Sign Language
American Deaf Culture
Communication Disorders in Society and Media
ENG 313
Bodies in Comics
Environmental Racism
Prevention of Interpersonal Violence
Global Health and Development
Global Mental Health
Medical Humanities
Understanding Contemporary Interiors
Medical Ethics
Healthy Communities
Arts and Human Values
Inclusive Urbanism
Seminar: [Topic]
Culture and Mental Health
Medical Sociology
Bodies and Power
Choose one from the following list of courses on career paths: 14
Human Context of Design
First-Year American Sign Language
Population Displacement and Global Health
BFA Studio II
Community Leadership and Change
Nonprofit Management
Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Trauma
Field work 24
Internship: [Topic]
Global Perspectives on Disability
Practicum: [Topic]
Practicum: [Topic]
Seminar: [Topic]
Total Credits24

All courses must be taken for a letter grade (except for internships associated with Fieldwork) and passed with a C- or better to count toward the minor.