Medieval Studies

Stephanie Clark, Director
118 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall
1287 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1287

Medieval studies, an interdisciplinary undergraduate program, integrates various approaches to the Middle Ages by medievalists in several departments. Medieval studies provides an excellent general education or a solid base for graduate work in a more specialized area. Study abroad is strongly encouraged.

Medieval studies concentrates on the period from 300 to 1500, combining courses in art and architecture, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion. A typical course of study includes diverse topics such as the Bible, the early Church, Byzantium, Islam, the Vikings, the Crusades, women in the Middle Ages, mysticism, romance, the Gothic cathedral, Chaucer, Dante, and medieval China and Japan. The program aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the medieval worldview in Europe and beyond, and the origins of the modern world.

Participating Faculty

Ina Asim, history

Martha J. Bayless, English

Louise M. Bishop, honors college, EMERITA

Stephanie Clark, English

Frederick Colby, religious studies

Stephen Dueppen, Anthropology

Andrew E. Goble, history

Deborah A. Green, Judaic studies

D. Gantt Gurley, German and Scandinavian

David Hollenberg, religious studies

Maile Hutterer, history of art and architecture

Mary Jaeger, classics

Lori Kruckenberg, music

Charles H. Lachman, history of art and architecture, EMERITUS

C. Anne Laskaya, English

Eric Mentzel, music

Stephen J. Shoemaker, religious studies

Mark T. Unno, religious studies

Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, linguistics, EMERITA

David Wacks, Romance languages

Lisa Wolverton, history

Undergraduate Programs

Major - Bachelor's Degree