American English Institute

Cheryl A. Ernst, Executive Director
541-346-3917 fax
1787 Agate St.
5212 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-5212

Since 1978, the American English Institute (AEI) has been a leader in English language teaching, research, and service on the University of Oregon campus and around the world. The American English Institute, as a unit of the College of Arts and Sciences, serves the educational mission of the University of Oregon through scholarship, English language instruction, and English language professional training. The AEI champions the University's mission of internationalization and is a leader in helping achieve the University's goals for diversity and student success. The AEI supports the University in the integration of international students into all aspects of campus life and collaborates with faculty across campus toward creating a successful academic experience for all international students. The AEI offers:

  • English language training
    • General English and culture
    • English for specific purposes
    • English for academic purposes
  • In-country program development
  • Online, in person, and hybrid teacher training programs
  • Professional services related to teaching English and professional development


Edward Adamson, instructor (academic vocabulary, writing and grammar). BA, 1997, Wisconsin, Madison; MEd, 2006, Minnesota, Twin Cities. (2011)

John Busch, instructor (English linguistics, reading and vocabulary). BA 1982, Minnesota, Twin Cities; MA, 2007, Oregon. (2013)

Thomas Delaney, senior instructor (Teaching English to speakers of other languages, testing and assessment, differences in language learning); Academic English for International Speakers coordinator. BA, 1994, Loyola Marymount; MA, 1998, Monterey Institute of International Studies; PhD, 2009, Auckland. (2006)

Nancy C. Elliott, senior instructor (oral communication skills, English dialectology and sociolinguistics). BA, 1982, MA, 1986, Kansas; PhD, 2000, Indiana, Bloomington. (2010)

Robert K. Elliott, instructor (pronunciation and intonation, international GE training, distance education). BA, 1988, California, Los Angeles; MA, 1994, San Francisco State. (2007)

Alicia R. Going, senior instructor II. BA, 1987, Seattle; MA, 1995, School for International Training. (2003)

Monica Hatch, instructor (academic English for international students). BA, 1994, Georgia; MA, 2011, Georgia State. (2011)

Char Heitman, senior instructor (teacher training, cross-cultural communication, oral skills and fluency). BA, 1988, Northern Iowa; MA, 1993, Iowa. (1997)

Jessica Lynch, senior instructor (intensive English instruction, academic English for international students, assessments). BA, 2006, Oregon; MA, 2008, New Mexico State. (2011)

Tonya Mildon, instructor (academic writing, academic oral communication, academic success). BA, 1990, Washington (Seattle); MA, 2000, Central Washington. (2011)

Sueanne Parker, senior Instructor (grammar, critical reading, test preparation). BA, 2001, Western Washington; MA, 2005, Seattle Pacific. (2006)

Patricia Pashby, senior instructor (second-language teaching, teacher training, vocabulary acquisition); coordinator, international graduate teaching fellow program. BA, 1987, MA, 1990, San Francisco State; EdD, 2002, San Francisco. (2001)

Lara M. Ravitch, senior instructor (curriculum design, assessment, content-based instruction). BA, 1998, Connecticut College; MA, 2002, Monterey Institute of International Studies. (2011)

Jennifer Rice, senior instructor II (English as a second language oral-aural skills, curriculum and materials design, objectives-based course assessment). BS, 2000, Ashland; MA, 2002, Western Oregon. (2010)

Korey Rice, senior instructor (discussion skills assessment, curriculum development). BA, 1999, Ashland; MS, 2004, Shenandoah. (2004)

Robin Rogers, senior instructor (curriculum development, materials writing, assessment procedures). BS, 2001, George Fox; MA, 2006, Seattle Pacific. (2010)

Janine Sepulveda, senior instructor II (reading, writing, grammar). BA, 1991, Oregon; MA, 1995, Monterey Institute of International Studies. (1995)

Beth Sheppard, senior instructor II (speaking and listening instruction). BA, 2002, California, Berkeley; MA, 2008, Oregon. (2008)

Thomas Tasker, senior instructor (academic reading and writing, curriculum development). MA, 1992, Illinois, Chicago. (2013)

Misti Williamsen, senior instructor (academic reading and writing, curriculum development, listening and speaking instruction). BA, 2005, MA, 2010, Oregon. (2010)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Laura G. Holland, senior instructor (intensive English-language teaching, teacher training, online distance education). BS, 1981, Wheelock College; MA, 1991, Columbia. (2010)