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Students and Faculty in the Department of Linguistics engage with language acquisition, use, and change at the intersection of human cognition, culture, and computation. We offer course work and research experiences that combine language with culture and society; action and cognition; and computation and learning. 

We offer a major or minor in Linguistics that combines coursework in the discipline with language courses from at least two languages other than your first language. We also offer a minor in Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science and provide special emphasis courses for the Data Science major. As an interdisciplinary field, Linguistics combines well with majors or minors from a variety of other disciplines from Romance Languages to Data Science, Psychology to Computer Science, and Sociology to Communication Disorders and Sciences, to name but a few.

Students can also earn a certificate in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) as a starting point for careers in language teaching.


Melissa Michaud Baese-Berk, professor (second-language acquisition, phonetics, laboratory phonology, psycholinguistics). BA, 2004, Boston; PhD, 2010, Northwestern. (2013)

B. Mokaya Bosire, senior instructor (Swahili). BA, 1991, MA, 1993, Nairobi; PhD, 2008, State University of New York, Albany. (2012)

Don Daniels, associate professor (languages of Papua New Guinea, language change and reconstruction, linguistic fieldwork, morphosyntax). BA, 2006, Dartmouth College; PhD, 2015, California, Santa Barbara. (2018)

Spike Gildea, professor (language description, diachronic syntax, typology, phonology, comparative linguistics, field methods and ethics, Cariban and other South American languages). BA, 1983, MA, 1989, PhD, 1992, Oregon. (2000)

Vsevolod M. Kapatsinski, professor (psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, experimental morphology and phonology, language learning in the lab). BA, 2003, MA, 2005, New Mexico; PhD, 2009, Indiana. (2009)

Tyler S. Kendall, professor (sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, phonetics, language and law). BA, 1998, Cornell; PhD, 2009, Duke. (2010)

Kristopher Kyle, associate professor (second language acquisition, language assessment, natural language processing, second language writing). BA, 2005, Harding; MA, 2011, Colorado State; PhD, 2016, Georgia State. (2019)

Eric W. Pederson, associate professor, retired (cognitive and psycholinguistics, language and culture; South Indian languages). BA, 1982, MA, 1985, PhD, 1991, California, Berkeley. (1997)

Gabriela Pérez Báez, associate professor (language documentation and description, language revitalization, semantic typology, language and cognition, Zapotec languages). BFA, 1997, MA, 2005, PhD 2009, State University of New York, Buffalo. (2018)

Melissa Redford, professor (phonetics, laboratory phonology, psycholinguistics, cognitive science). BA, 1992, California, Berkeley; MA, 1995, PhD, 1999, Texas, Austin. (2002)

Julie M. Sykes, professor (second language acquisition, interlanguage pragmatics, transformative pedagogy). BA, 2001, MA, 2005, Arizona State; PhD, 2008, Minnesota. (2016)

Charlotte R. Vaughn, instructor (speech perception, psycholinguistics, talker variability, sociophonetics). BA, 2005, Duke; MA, 2011, PhD, 2014, Northwestern. (2014)

Keli D. Yerian, senior lecturer II (language teacher education, curriculum development, gesture in discourse); director, Language Teaching Specialization MA Program. BA, 1991, North Carolina, Chapel Hill; MS, 1994, PhD, 2000, Georgetown. (2007)


Scott DeLancey, professor emeritus. BA, 1972, Cornell; PhD, 1980, Indiana. (1982)

T. Givón, professor emeritus. BSc, 1959, Jerusalem; MS, 1962, MA, 1966, PhD, 1969, California, Los Angeles. (1981)

Doris L. Payne, professor emerita (morphology, syntax, semantics, discourse; Amerindian and African languages). BS, 1974, Wheaton; MA, 1976, Texas, Arlington; PhD, 1985, California, Los Angeles. (1987)

Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, professor emerita. BA, 1973, Princeton; JD, 1976, Columbia; PhD, 1990, Harvard. (1994)


Gregory D. Anderson, linguistics

Dare A. Baldwin, psychology

Marjorie S. Barker, linguistics

Robert L. Davis, Romance languages

Tom Delaney, American English Institute

Robert Elliott, Northwest Indian Language Institute

Andrew Halvorsen, American English Institute

Laura G. Holland, American English Institute

Kaori Idemaru, East Asian languages and literatures

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, East Asian languages and literatures

Mark Johnson, philosophy

Sarah Klinghammer, linguistics

Jeffrey Magoto, Yamada Language Center

Thomas E. Payne, linguistics

Trish Pashby, American English Institute

Janne Underriner, Northwest Indian Language Institute

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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