Linguistics Minor

Linguists study how languages are used and structured by societies, how they are learned and processed by individuals, and how they change over time in society and the individual. Faculty in the UO Department of Linguistics have research interests that extend into the areas of speech-language pathology, psychology, anthropology, and the maintenance and revitalization of endangered languages. The Department offers a minor in linguistics which gives the student both a grounding in the basis of linguistic analysis and the opportunity to pursue areas of special interest.

The undergraduate minor requirements changed in Fall of 2020. Students admitted to the minor before Fall of 2020 can choose to follow the current degree requirements or the previous minor requirements. The Linguistics Department website provides more information.

Linguistics Minor

Courses used to fulfill the minor requirements must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of C- or better.

Required Courses:16
Introduction to Linguistics Analysis
Introduction to Linguistic Behavior
Phonetics and Phonology
Electives 112
Total Credits28

Two electives must be taken from a list of 400+ level specialization courses. The third must be taken at the 200+ level.

Language Requirement

The language requirement for the minor is the same as the language requirement that is required for the Bachelor of Arts at the UO. See the UO Academic Policies; scroll down to the “Bachelor of Arts Requirements” for an explanation of the BA second language requirement.