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The field of Classics embraces all aspects of Greek and Roman culture from the prehistoric to the medieval period.

Through the study of classical literature, history, philosophy, art history, and archaeology, students gain an understanding of the culture and ideals of the Greco-Roman world. Students who study classics at the undergraduate and graduate level have notable success in acceptance into graduate schools and in the job market. By studying the primary languages students engage with the Greeks and Romans in a direct and scholarly manner.

Students may also study the archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean world. Through the study of classical archaeology, students acquire a broad understanding of Greek and Roman sites and material culture. Although grounded in the study of Greek and Roman buildings, tools, and objects, the courses stress the cross-cultural influences and interactions that informed how people produced, used, and valued these materials as well.

Through the study of classical literature in the original language and in English translation, and through the study of other areas encompassed by the classics, such as ancient history, philosophy, art history, mythology, and rhetoric, a student gains an understanding of the culture and ideals of the classical world and their influence on the languages and institutions of Western civilization.

Members of the classics faculty have a broad range of research and teaching specialties and foster close interdisciplinary ties with the faculty of several departments, including anthropology, art history, comparative literature, English, history, and philosophy.


P. Lowell Bowditch, professor (Latin literature, comparative literature, literary theory). BA, 1984, California, Berkeley; MA, 1989, PhD, 1992, Brown. (1993)

Cristina Calhoon, senior instructor (Latin literature, women in antiquity, Romans and barbarians). Laurea, 1978, Torino; MA, 1983, PhD, 1994, California, Irvine. (1988)

David Chamberlain, instructor (Greek literature, Latin literature). BA, 1989, Oxford; MA, 1991, PhD, 1997, California, Berkeley. (1997)

Kevin D. Dicus, associate professor (classical archaeology, Latin literature) BA, 1992, MA, 2002, Arizona; PhD, 2012, Michigan, Ann Arbor. (2015)

Christopher Eckerman, professor (Greek literature, lyric poetry, social history). BA, 2000, California, Davis; MA, 2002, PhD, 2007, California, Los Angeles. (2008)

Mary K. Jaeger, professor (Latin literature, historiography, food in antiquity). BA, 1982, Gustavus Adolphus; MA, 1984, PhD, 1990, California, Berkeley. (1990)

Steven Shankman, professor. See English

Malcolm Wilson, professor (ancient philosophy, history of science). BA, 1985, Western Ontario; MA, 1986, Toronto; PhD, 1993, California, Berkeley. (1990)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Jeffrey M. Hurwit, professor emeritus. See History of Art and Architecture

John Nicols, professor emeritus. See History.


Martha J. Bayless, English

Sander Goldberg, professor of practice

Kristen Seaman, history of art and architecture 

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