Classical Civilization Minor

The field of Classics embraces Greek and Roman culture from the prehistoric to the medieval periods. Through the study of classical archaeology, students acquire a broad understanding of Greek and Roman sites and material culture. Grounded in the study of Greek and Roman buildings, tools, and objects, the courses also stress the cross-cultural influences and interactions that informed how people produced, used, and valued these materials. Through the study of classical literature in the original language and in English translation, and through the study of other areas encompassed by the classics, such as ancient history, philosophy, art history, mythology, and rhetoric, a student gains an understanding of the culture and ideals of the classical world and their influence on the languages and institutions of Western civilization.

Classical Civilization Minor Requirements

Courses used to fulfill the minor requirements must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of mid-C or better.

Lower- or upper-division courses from approved list8
Upper-division courses from approved list16
Total Credits24

Students must have a grade point average of 2.50 or better in courses applied to the minor. At least four courses (typically 16 credits) must be taken at the University of Oregon.

Approved Courses

Principles of Archaeology
World Archaeology
Archaeology of Egypt and Near East
Origins of Art
Ancient Mediterranean Art
History of World Architecture I
Ancient Jewish Art
Ancient Greek Art and Architecture
Roman Art & Architecture
ARH 326
Ancient Mediterranean Art: [Topic]
Classical Mythology
Greek Life and Culture
Roman Life and Culture
Greek and Roman Epic
Greek and Roman Tragedy
Classical Greek Philosophers
Early China, Ancient Greece
Death and Rebirth in Greece and India
Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity
Seminar: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
HIST 101
World History
Ancient Greece: [Topic]
Ancient Rome: [Topic]
Introduction to the Humanities I
Ancient Science and Culture
Authors: [Topic]
Vergil: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Ancient Philosophers: [Topic]