Medieval Studies Minor

The Medieval Studies minor offers students an extensive curriculum which includes the Christian, Judaic, and Islamic Middle Ages, as well as courses in feudal Japanese culture and East Asian Art and religious traditions. Students gain deeper historical and cultural knowledge that contextualizes modern political and cultural developments and encourages cross-cultural connections. Courses are offered via a variety of departments, from philosophy, literature, and history to art, architecture, and music, grounding students‘ learning in a variety of disciplinary approaches.

Minor Requirements

Students who want a minor in medieval studies must complete seven medieval courses in at least two departments.

Suggested Courses

Students should plan their programs as early as possible with the aid of a medieval studies faculty advisor. With the advisor’s consent, courses numbered 199, 399, 405, 407, 408, or 410 may be substituted for suggested courses. At least five of the courses must be taken at the University of Oregon. More information is available from the medieval studies office or from the Medieval Studies Program director.

ARB 331Reading Classical Arabic4
CLAS 110Classical Mythology4
CLAS 314Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity4
Additional Latin and Greek course offerings, depending on topic
ENG 225Age of King Arthur4
ENG 423The Age of Beowulf4
ENG 425Medieval Romance4
ENG 427Chaucer4
ENG 428
ENG 429
ENG 430
Old English I
and Old English II: [Topic]
and Old English III: [Topic]
HIST 190Foundations of East Asian Civilizations4
HIST 320High Middle Ages in Europe4
HIST 321Late Middle Ages in Europe4
HIST 387Early China4
HIST 396Samurai in Film4
HIST 414Ancient Rome: [Topic] (depends on topic)4
HIST 490Japan: [Topic] (The Classical Age)4
HIST 498Early Japanese Culture and Society: [Topic] (Buddhism and Society in Medieval Japan; Samurai and War; Medieval Japan)4
History of Art and Architecture
ARH 205History of Western Art II4
HUM 102Introduction to the Humanities II4
HUM 300Themes in the Humanities 14
ITAL 317Italian Survey: Medieval and Renaissance4
JPN 305Introduction to Japanese Literature4
Judaic Studies
JDST 212Medieval and Early Modern Judaism4
Additional courses in Judaic Studies and Hebrew, depending on topic
MUS 267History of Music 800 to 16004
MUS 391Collegium Musicum1-3
PHIL 310History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval4
Religious Studies
REL 222
REL 223
Introduction to the Bible I
and Introduction to the Bible II
REL 233Introduction to Islam4
REL 321
REL 322
History of Christianity
and History of Christianity
REL 324History of Eastern Christianity4
REL 335Introduction to the Qur'an4
REL 355Mysticism4
REL 414Biblical Book: [Topic]4
REL 432Islamic Mysticism: [Topic]4
REL 444Medieval Japanese Buddhism4
SCAN 259Vikings through the Icelandic Sagas4
SCAN 343Norse Mythology4
SCAN 344Medieval Hero and Monster4