Writing, Public Speaking, and Critical Reasoning Certificate

To leave college with the ability to write well, to speak in public, and to think critically is one of the most valuable outcomes of a college education. The minor in writing, public speaking, and critical reasoning offers students a coherent program of courses that will strengthen their abilities in all three essential areas. This interdisciplinary minor is built on courses in English, Writing, and Philosophy, and is taught by professors from English, Philosophy, and the Honors College. The minor is open to all University of Oregon undergraduates in any major. Undergraduates who want even more concentrated work in this area may enroll in the Certificate program, which requires 36 credits (9 courses, including a senior capstone course).

Through coursework in Writing, English, Philosophy, and more, students develop written and speaking skills about how to be effective culturally responsive communicators in career and civic life.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Describe the role of language, identity, and power in community/public communication contexts.
  • Examine one's own critical communication process, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Practice culturally responsive deliberation with others on contemporary issues in the public sphere.
  • Examine writing, speaking, and other critical communication forms in a variety of disciplines and public contexts using ethical rhetorical analysis.
  • Compose and deliver relevant, purpose-driven documents, speeches, and other forms/genres for audiences beyond the classroom.

Writing, Public Speaking, and Critical Reasoning Certificate

A certificate in writing, public speaking, and critical reasoning requires 36 credits as follows:

Select three courses in writing (at least one at the 400 level):12
Theories of Literacy
The Art of the Sentence
College Composition III
Scientific and Technical Writing
Business Communications
Advanced Composition
Select three courses in rhetoric (at least one of which must be ENG 200 or ENG 330):12
Public Speaking as a Liberal Art
Oral Controversy and Advocacy
History of Rhetoric and Composition
Modern Rhetorical Criticism
Select two courses in reasoning:8
Inventing Arguments
Critical Reasoning
One capstone course:4
Reasoning, Speaking, Writing
Total Credits36