Digital Humanities Minor

The way we approach humanities subjects, such as English, history, philosophy, and religious studies, began to change with the advent of the internet. Over past decades, new digital tools and techniques have expanded our subjects and practices of studying these fields. The minor in digital humanities prepares students to enter this new world, equipping them with skills in digital text analysis, data visualization, mapping and geospatial studies, the creation of multimedia archives, and forms of digital storytelling. While learning how to create digital humanities projects, students will have opportunities to study global cultural expressions that emerge through new forms of digital reading, writing, and gaming.

Program's Admission Requirements

Students wishing to declare the Digital Humanities minor complete a brief form and then connected with the Director of the Digital Humanities Minor (currently Assistant Professor Mattie Burkert) for further advising.

All courses must be taken for a grade and passed with a mid-C or better.

Digital Humanities Minor Requirements

ENG 250Literature and Digital Culture4
LIB/DSCI 350M (Humanities Research Data Management) 14
ENG 470Technologies and Texts Capstone4
Three Additional Courses: 212
Understanding Contemporary Art
Introduction to Film and Media
Media Aesthetics
Remix Cultures
Digital Cinema
Film, Media, and Culture
New Media and Digital Culture: [Topic]
Fluency with Information Technology
Introduction to Web Programming
Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
Computer Science I
Foundations of Data Science I
Foundations of Data Science II
Television Studies
Our Digital Earth
Geographies of Outdoor Adventure
The World and Big Data
Society, Culture, and Place
GIScience I
GIScience II
Geospatial Project Design
Media and Society
Media History
Elements of Electronic Music
Data Sonification
Internet, Society, and Philosophy
Data Ethics
Mass Media and American Politics
Politics and Film
Sociology of the Mass Media
Science, Technology, and Gender
Total Credits24

ENG 470/570 (capstone course) must be taken in residence. All other courses can be taken as traditional, hybrid, or online courses at UO or at other universities offering comparable courses. Transfer credits from other institutions must be approved by the DH coordinator in order to count for credit in the minor.