Writing, Public Speaking, and Critical Reasoning Minor


Emily Simnitt,Director
301E Tykeson Hall
1267 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403 - 1267

Do you believe that reasoned discourse is foundational to democracy and to social change to build a better, more just society? Are you passionate about citizenship and the art of argument? Do you see yourself engaging your listeners through the power of dialogic reasoning? If your answers these questions are yes, you will thrive with a minor in writing, public speaking, and critical reasoning.

The UO’s innovative program will help you to develop your ability to write well, speak effectively in public, and think critically—some of the most valuable skills for life in a globalized world.

Minor in Writing, Public Speaking, and Critical Reasoning

The minor in writing, public speaking, and critical reasoning prepares undergraduates for active and effective participation in the complex, diverse, and ever-changing communicative situations they will face after graduation.

Select two courses in writing from the following: 18
College Composition III
Scientific and Technical Writing
Business Communications
Theories of Literacy
The Art of the Sentence
Advanced Composition
Select two courses in rhetoric from the following (at least one of which must be ENG 200 or ENG 330): 18
Public Speaking as a Liberal Art 2
Oral Controversy and Advocacy
History of Rhetoric and Composition
Modern Rhetorical Criticism
Select two courses in reasoning from the following: 18
Critical Reasoning
Inventing Arguments
Total Credits24