English (MA)

The Department of English offers graduate study in English and American literature, film and television studies, folklore, critical theory, rhetoric and composition, cultural studies, popular culture, ecocriticism, ethnic literatures, gender studies, postcolonial studies, comic studies, disability studies. It offers the master of arts (MA) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees in English.

The Department of English offers an MA for students who want to study beyond the BA but who do not plan to complete a PhD. Students whose goal is a doctorate should apply for admission to the department’s doctoral program. Students who complete the MA program at the University of Oregon and want to enter the PhD program must reapply to the department for admission into that program. The number of seats in the MA program is limited, and admission is competitive.

Program's Admission Requirements

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of literary texts (which may also include film, media, folklore, and/or other objects of study covered in English Department areas of emphasis) in English as well as a general understanding of English and American literary history.
  • Demonstrate ability to write to a professional standard within the field of literary studies.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze literary texts (which may include film, media, and/or folklore) using theoretically informed methods as well as skills in close reading.
  • Demonstrate ability to speak coherently and professionally about literature (which may also include film, media, and/or folklore), including literary form and genre, literary history, and literary scholarship.
  • Demonstrate ability to conduct original research and writing on literature, film, and media, as well as other cultural expressions related to literature, film, and media.
  • Demonstrate mastery of a specialized subject area within literary and/or film/media and/or folklore studies, including mastery of both primary sources and scholarship within that area.

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

ENG 690Introduction to Graduate Studies in English5
Select one of the following:
Pre-1500 course
1500-1660 course
1660–1800 course
Select one of the following:
19th-century course
20th-century course
Rhetoric or advanced theory course
Nine formal 600-level seminars

A master's thesis may be substituted for one elective seminar with the prior approval of the director of graduate studies in consultation with the faculty thesis advisor. The MA thesis is a substantial scholarly essay researched and written over two terms during the second year of study.

Graduate course work should be completed at the 600 level. Exceptions to this policy must be made in advance by the director of graduate studies in consultation with the individual faculty advisor.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 in all graduate course work at the UO is required for completion of the MA degree. At least nine courses must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon.

Students who have completed 12 graduate-level English courses (nine taken at the university), attained reading knowledge of one foreign language, and maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better may apply for the MA degree with a specialty in English or American literature.