English Minor

The Department of English offers several distinctive minors that range from traditional studies in literature and rhetoric to more interdisciplinary studies that explore a wide range of texts, cultural materials, and new media.

Our minors are ideal for students who want to think creatively, hone their critical thinking, and become versatile writers. The skills gained in our programs provide vital preparation for business and professional careers, as well as for further academic work or artistic endeavors. The experience of our graduates has proven that studies in literature, rhetoric, and culture are an excellent background for law, medicine, teaching, management, publishing, advertising and advanced technology fields.

Minor in English

The English minor requires 24 credits of approved course work selected from the documents titled University of Oregon English Major Requirements and Advising Supplement, which are updated each year. Both documents are available in the English department and on our website.

  • Of the total 24 credits, a maximum of 8 credits may be taken in lower-division courses.
  • All upper-division courses must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon
  • Course work must be taken for letter grades and passed with grades of mid-C or better.
  • Courses with the prefixes ENG, FLR, HC and writing (WR) courses  Principles of Tutoring Writing (WR 312) WR 320WR 321,
    Laboratory Projects: [Topic] (WR 408) or WR 423 may be used for the minor.
  • Only one of the three Introduction to Literature courses (ENG 104ENG 105ENG 106) and transfer equivalents may be used to satisfy minor requirements.
  • Research: [Topic] (ENG 401)Thesis (ENG 403)Reading and Conference: [Topic] (ENG 405) and Composition I (WR 121Z),
    Composition II (WR 122Z)College Composition III (WR 123) may not be used to satisfy minor requirements.