Environmental Studies


Richard York, Program Director
144 Columbia Hall
5223 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-5223

Environmental Studies crosses the boundaries of traditional disciplines in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, management, policy, design, and law. It challenges students to look at the relationship between humans and their environment from new perspectives. The Environmental Studies Program is dedicated to gaining greater understanding of the natural world from an ecological perspective; devising policies and behaviors that address contemporary environmental problems; and promoting a rethinking of basic cultural premises, ways of structuring knowledge, and the root metaphors of contemporary society.


With 22 core faculty from three colleges and 13 different departments, the Environmental Studies Program is doing exciting boundary-breaking interdisciplinary research and teaching related to the environment. In addition, over 100 faculty from all UO colleges who have environmental expertise are affiliated with Environmental Studies as participating faculty. Profiles for core faculty and a list of participating faculty are on the Environmental Studies website.  

Stacy Alaimo, professor (material ecocriticism, anthropocene feminisms, blue humanities). 

Peg Boulay, senior instructor II (environmental monitoring, wildlife conservation, outreach and education); co-director, environmental leadership.

Mark Carey, professor (glaciers, climate change, natural disasters). 

Ashley Cordes, assistant professor (Indigenous studies, Digital Humanities)

Lauren Hallett, assistant professor (plant community and restoration ecology).

Stephanie LeMenager, professor (American studies, environmental humanities).

Kathryn Lynch, senior instructor II (environmental education, environmental anthropology); co-director, environmental leadership. 

Richard D. Margerum, associate professor (collaborative environmental management, conflict management in multistakeholder processes).

Galen Martin, senior instructor II (sustainable agriculture, food systems).

Erin Moore, associate professor (life-cycle environmental impacts), assistant director of environmental studies program.  

Nicolae Morar, associate professor (applied ethics, recent continental philosophy, philosophy of biology), director of graduate studies.

Barbara Muraca, assistant professor (human-nature relationships, ecosystem services valuation, sustainability theory). 

Alexandra Rempel, assistant professor (environmental design, passive heating and cooling).

Joshua J. Roering, associate professor (geomorphology, landscape evolution modeling). 

Kory Russel, assistant professor (sustainable design; water, public health, and environment). 

Emily Scott, assistant professor (art and the public sphere, critical approaches to the built environment, visual cultures of nature). 

Lucas Silva, assistant professor (terrestrial ecology, biogeochemistry, biogeography). 

David Sutherland, associate professor (ice-ocean interaction, coastal and estuarine oceanography). 

Sarah Wald, associate professor (race and ethnic studies, environmental humanities).

Peter A. Walker, professor (environmental politics, political ecology). 

Marsha Weisiger, associate professor (environmental, Native American, American West). 

Richard York, associate professor (assessing anthropogenic driving forces of global environmental change); director, environmental studies program.


Scott D. Bridgham, professor (ecosystem ecology, climate change). 

Trudy Ann Cameron, professor (environmental economics). 

Alan Dickman, professor emeritus (forest ecology and management).

Matthew Dennis, professor (colonial and early national America, American cultural and environmental history, American Indian history).

Patricia McDowell, professor (river management and restoration).

Ronald  Mitchell, professor (environmental politics, international relations).


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