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107 Condon Hall
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The Department of Geography at the University of Oregon is one of the top ten geography programs in the country. We feature faculty and students researching and teaching about cutting-edge important societal issues, such as racism, climate change, water resources, economic development, land use, conflict, migration, spatial data science, cartography, and more.

Students are encouraged to develop skills in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and data analysis as they explore subjects that ask them to think holistically about the systems that shape our planet. Our faculty help students see the amazing complexity that shapes our planet and our experiences within it. Our classrooms provide inclusive and engaged learning environments so that students find their own interests to explore, helping them make meaning and find their place in the world.


Daniel P. Buck, associate professor (political economy, food geographies, East Asia). BA, 1987, California State, Chico; MA, 1996, PhD, 2002, California, Berkeley. (2008)

Mark Carey, professor (environmental history, human geography, environmental justice, and science and technology studies).  BA, 1991, State University of New York at Potsdam; MA, 1998, University of Montana, Missoula; PhD, 2005 University of California, Davis. (2010)

Shaul E. Cohen, associate professor (political, environmental, cultural; Middle East). BA, 1983, Clark; MA, 1987, PhD, 1991, Chicago. (1996)

Sarah Cooley, assistant professor (hydrology, remote sensing, climate change). BS, 2015, NC at Chapel Hill, MPhil, 2016, University of Cambridge, PhD, 2020, Brown. (2021)

Carolyn Fish, assistant professor (geographic information system science, cartography). BS, 2008, Pennsylvania State; MS, 2010, Michigan State; PhD, 2018, Pennsylvania State. (2018)

Mark Fonstad, associate professor (geomorphology, remote sensing, hydrology). BA, 1995, Wisconsin, Madison; MA, 1997, Ohio; PhD, 2000, Arizona State. (2011)

Daniel G. Gavin, professor (biogeography, paleoecology, climate change). BA, 1992, Dartmouth College; MS, 1997, PhD, 2000, Washington (Seattle). (2006)

Leigh Johnson, assistant professor (political ecology, development, economic geography). BA, 2003, Columbia; PhD, 2011, California, Berkeley. (2016)

Nicholas P. Kohler, senior instructor (geographic information systems, cartography, human-environmental relations). BA, 1989, Princeton; MA, 1997, PhD, 2005, Oregon. (2006)

Amy K. Lobben, professor (geographic information system science, behavioral geography, data visualization). BA, 1991, MA, 1996, Georgia State; PhD, 1999, Michigan State. (2004)

Hui "Henry" Luan, assistant professor (geographic information system science, spatial statistics). BS, 2009, MS, 2011, Wuhan; PhD, 2016, Waterloo. (2018)

Melissa Lucash, assistant professor (forest ecology,climate change, wildfire, spatial modeling,landscape ecology). BS,1993, MS, 1996, PhD 2005, Syracuse. (2020)

Leslie McLees, senior instructor/ug director (urban geography, urban agriculture, Africa); undergraduate advisor. BS, 1999, Washington State; MA, 2004, Hawaii, PhD, 2012, Oregon. (2014)

Katherine Meehan, associate professor (Water policy and governance; infrastructure and cities; science/policy interface; political ecology; Latin American science and technology studies). BA, 1999, MS 2005, PhD, 2010. (2010)

Joanna Merson, research assistant (cartography, data-visualization, GIS). BSc, 2009, Victoria; MA, 2013, Arizona State. (2017)

Laura Pulido, professor (critical ethnic studies, environmental justice, Chicano studies). See Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies.

Johnny Ryan, assistant professor (glaciology, geospatial data science, remote sensing). BS, 2012, University of Nottingham, UK, 2013 MPhil, University of Cambridge, UK, PhD, 2018, Aberystwyth University, UK (2021)

Alethea Y. Steingisser, senior research assistant (cartography and graphic design, geographic information systems); cartographic project manager, InfoGraphics Lab. BS, 2002, California State, Northridge; MS, 2006, Oregon. (2006)

Xiaobo Su, professor (cultural politics, tourism and urban conservation, China). BArch, 2000, Southeast University (Nanjing); MSc, 2003, Sun Yat-sen University; PhD, 2007, National University of Singapore. (2007)

Peter A. Walker, professor (cultural and political ecology, US West, Africa). BA, 1986, California, Berkeley; MS, 1990, Harvard; PhD, 1997, California, Berkeley. (1997)


Patrick J. Bartlein, professor emeritus. BA, 1972, MS, 1975, PhD, 1978, Wisconsin, Madison. (1982)

Stanton A. Cook, professor emeritus. AB, 1951, Harvard; PhD, 1960, California, Berkeley. (1960)

W. Andrew Marcus, professor emeritus. BS, 1978, Stanford; MA, 1983, Arizona State; PhD, 1987, Colorado. (2001)

Patricia F. McDowell, professor emeritus. BA, 1971, MA, 1977, Illinois Institute of Technology; PhD, 1980, Wisconsin, Madison. (1982)

Alexander B. Murphy, professor emeritus. BA, 1977, Yale; JD, 1981, Columbia; PhD, 1987, Chicago. (1987)

Alvin W. Urquhart, professor emeritus. AB, 1953, MA, 1958, PhD, 1962, California, Berkeley. (1960)

Ronald Wixman, professor emeritus. BA, 1968, Hunter; MA, 1972, Columbia; PhD, 1978, Chicago. (1975)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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