Black Studies

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Born out of the Black freedom struggle of the 1960s and 1970s, Black studies is a political and an intellectual project, through which scholarly inquiry serves as a path to the empowerment and liberation of people of African descent socially, politically, and spiritually. The Black studies minor also honors centuries-long histories of Black thought, from pre-colonial, thriving African civilizations through the anti-slavery abolition movement to the prison abolition movement, from decades of Race Men to Black feminism and Black Queer studies, from the African continent to the Americas to the Caribbean and all throughout the Diaspora.

Black studies spans centuries, crosses oceans, and is shaped by multiple geographies and cultural practices. Students can immerse themselves in histories of African and African-descended people rooted in and routed through the Atlantic slave trade, colonialism, and imperialism across the Diaspora.

Black Studies Minor Requirements

Core Course:4
Introduction to Black Studies
Lower Division - At least 12 credits from the following: 112
Introduction to African American Literature
African American History
African American History
Special Studies: [Topic]
Special Studies: [Topic]
Upper Division - At least 12 credits from the following: 212
Social Equity and Criminal Justice
Caribbean Literature and Politics
Race and Incarceration
African American History to 1877: [Topic]
African American History since 1877: [Topic]
Ethnic Literature: [Topic]
Major Authors: [Topic]
Philosophy and Race
20th-Century Latin American Literature: [Topic]
Special Studies: [Topic]
Total Credits28