Lamia Karim, Department Head
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Anthropology, the study of humans, includes sociocultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology. Courses offered by the Department of Anthropology span the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities and provide a broad understanding of human nature and society for students in other fields and for anthropology majors.

The broad perspective on human culture and biology that anthropology offers can enhance studies in many other fields, including history, psychology, international studies, environmental studies, ecology and evolution, geography, earth system science, literature, political science, folklore and public culture, language study, art history, and public policy and management.


Scott A. Blumenthal, assistant professor, (paleoanthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology). BA, 2008, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; PhD, 2015, City University of New York. (2018)

Alison K. Carter, assistant professor (archaeology). BA, 2001, Oberlin College; MS, 2007, PhD, 2013, Wisconsin, Madison. (2017)

L. Zachary DuBois, assistant professor (biocultural anthropology, gender and LGBT experience, stress and social determinants of health). BA, 2002, PhD, 2012, Massachusetts, Amherst. (2018)

Stephen Dueppen, associate professor (archaeology). BA, 1999, California, San Diego; MA, 2004, PhD, 2008, Michigan. (2012)

Maria Fernanda Escallón, assistant professor (sociocultural anthropology, cultural heritage). BA, 2003, MA, 2004, Los Andes; MA, 2009, PhD, 2016, Stanford. (2016)

Scott M. Fitzpatrick, professor; associate director, Museum of Natural and Cultural History.(island and coastal archaeology, Pacific, Caribbean) BA, 1994, Eastern Washington; MA, 1996, Montana; PhD, 2003, Oregon. (2012)

Stephen R. Frost, professor (human-primate evolution and paleontology, morphometrics, Africa). BA, 1994, California State, Long Beach; PhD, 2001, City University of New York, City College. (2004)

Lamia Karim, associate professor (cultural anthropology). BA, 1984, Brandeis; MA, 1993, Michigan; PhD, 2001 Rice. (2003)

Gyoung-Ah Lee, associate professor (paleoethnobotany, archaeology, East Asia); director, graduate studies. BA, 1992, Seoul National; MSc, 1997, PhD, 2003, Toronto. (2007)

Leah Lowthorp, assistant professor (cultural anthropologist, folklorist, critical heritage). BA, 2003, California, Berkeley; MA, 2005, Pennsylvania; MA, 2007, Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales; PhD, 2013, Pennsylvania. (2018)

Johanna Bard Richlin, assistant professor (religion, migration, and affect; U.S., Brazil, Europe) BA, 2008 Wesleyan University; M.T.S. 2010 Harvard Divinity School; MA, 2012, PhD, 2016, Stanford University. (2018)

Michelle Scalise Sugiyama, senior instructor 1, BA, 1985, San Diego State, MA, 1988, PhD, 1997 California Santa Barbara. (2015)

Philip W. Scher, professor (Caribbean, politics of culture, transnationalism); divisional dean, social sciences, College of Arts and Sciences. BA, 1987, Brown; MS, 1991, PhD, 1997, Pennsylvania. (2002)

J. Josh Snodgrass, professor (human biology, human nutrition and energetics, skeletal biology); associate vice provost, undergraduate education and student success,. BA, 1995, California, Santa Cruz; MA, 1998, Florida; PhD, 2004, Northwestern. (2005)

Lynn Stephen, professor, Philip H. Knight Chair. (ethnicity and political economies, gender, U.S. Latinos and Latin America);  BA, 1979, Carleton; PhD, 1987, Brandeis. (1998)

Kirstin Sterner, associate professor (molecular anthropology). BA, 2001, MA, 2005, PhD, 2009, New York. (2011)

Lawrence S. Sugiyama, professor (evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, biocultural anthropology). BA, 1985, MA, 1991, PhD, 1996, California, Santa Barbara. (1996)

Nelson Ting, associate professor (molecular anthropology, primate genetics, ecology, conservation Africa); director, undergraduate studies. BA, 1999, Washington (St. Louis); MA, 2001, Missouri, Columbia; PhD, 2008, City University of New York. (2011)

Larry R. Ulibarri, instructor; BA, 2002, Northern Colorado; MA, 2006, PhD, 2013, Colorado, Boulder. (2019)

Frances J. White, professor (evolution of primate behavior, Africa); department head. BA, 1980, MA, 1984, Cambridge; PhD 1986, State University of New York, Stony Brook. (2001)


C. Melvin Aikens, professor emeritus. BA, 1960, Utah; MA, 1962, PhD, 1966, Chicago. (1968)

William S. Ayres, professor emeritus. BA, 1966, Wyoming; PhD, 1973, Tulane. (1976)

Aletta Biersack, professor emerita. BA, 1965, MA, 1969, 1972, PhD, 1980, Michigan. (1982)

Don E. Dumond, professor emeritus. BA, 1949, New Mexico; MA, 1957, Mexico City College; PhD, 1962, Oregon. (1962)

Jon M. Erlandson, professor emeritus. BA, 1980, MA, 1983, PhD, 1988, California, Santa Barbara. (1990)

John R. Lukacs, professor emeritus. BA, 1969, MA, 1970, Syracuse; PhD, 1977, Cornell. (1976)

Geraldine Moreno Black, professor emerita. BA, 1967, State University of New York, Buffalo; MA, 1970, Arizona; PhD, 1974, Florida. (1974)

Madonna L. Moss, professor emerita. BA, 1976, William and Mary; MA, 1982, PhD, 1989, California, Santa Barbara. (1990)

Theresa O'Nell, associate professor emerita. BA, 1981, Notre Dame; MA, 1985, PhD, 1992, Harvard. (1998)

Carol T. Silverman, professor emerita. BA, 1972, City University of New York, City College; MA, 1974, PhD, 1979, Pennsylvania. (1980)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Andrew Boehm, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Thomas J. Connolly, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Ann Craig, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Edward Davis, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Pamela E. Endzweig, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Samantha Hopkins, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Dennis L. Jenkins, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Elizabeth Kallenbach, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Jaime Kennedy, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Jeanne McLaughlin, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Patrick O’Grady, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Gregory Retallack, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Chris Ruiz, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

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