Political Science


Joseph Lowndes, Department Head
541-346-4860 fax
936 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall
1284 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1284


Yvette Alex-Assensoh, professor (immigration, racial politics): vice president for equity and inclusion. BA, 1988, Columbia; MA, 1991, PhD, 1993, Ohio State; JD, 2006, Indiana, Bloomington. (2012)

Erin Beck, associate professor (Latin American politics; micropolitics; women, gender, and development). BA, 2004, Providence College; MA, 2007, PhD, 2012, Brown. (2012)

Neil O’Brian, assistant professor (political parties, Congress, public opinion, polarization). BA, 2011, Case Western Reserve University; PhD, 2020, University of California, Berkeley. (2019)

Anita Chari, associate professor (political theory). BA, 2001, Georgetown; MA, 2003, PhD, 2008, Chicago. (2010)

James Conran, assistant professor (comparative politics, European politics, political economy). BA, 2006, University College, Dublin; MSc, 2008, London School of Economics and Political Science; PhD, 2017, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2017)

Jane K. Cramer, associate professor (international relations, international security, US foreign policy). BA, 1986, Oberlin; PhD, 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2000)

Dennis C. Galvan, professor (Africa, development, comparative politics); vice provost for international affairs. See International Studies.

Alison Gash, associate professor (public law). BA, 1995, Vassar College; MPA-URP, 2000, Princeton; MA, 2004, PhD, 2010, California, Berkeley. (2010)

Burke Hendrix, associate professor (normative political theory, indigenous politics, global justice). BA, 1992, Linfield College; MA, 2000, PhD, 2002, Colorado, Boulder. (2012)

Craig Kauffman, associate professor (environmental politics, global governance, democratization). BA, 1992, College of Wooster; MS, 1996, George Mason; PhD, 2012, George Washington. (2012)

Joseph E. Lowndes, professor (US politics). BA, 1990, Antioch College; MA, 1996, New School for Social Research; PhD, 2004, New School University. (2003)

Ronald B. Mitchell, professor (environmental politics, international relations). BA, 1981, Stanford; MPP, 1985, PhD, 1992, Harvard. (1993)

Mikhail Myagkov, professor (comparative politics, formal political theory). BS, 1990, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; MS, 1994, PhD, 1996, California Institute of Technology. (1996) 

Craig Parsons, professor (comparative politics, European politics). BA, 1992, Stanford; CEP, 1993 Institut d’Etudes Politiques; MA, 1994, PhD, 1999, California, Berkeley. (2004) 

Lars Skalnes, associate professor (international political economy, international relations). CandMag, 1984, Bergen; MA, 1989, PhD, 1993, California, Los Angeles. (1992) 

Yeling Tan, assistant professor (international and comparative political economy, global economic governance, politics of China). BA, 2002, Stanford; MPA, 2011, PhD, 2017, Harvard. (2017)

Daniel Tichenor, professor (American presidency, interest groups and social movements, US political institutions); Philip H. Knight Chair. BA, 1988, Earlham College; PhD, 1996, Brandeis. (2008)

Tuong Vu, professor (comparative politics, political economy, nationalism, revolution, East and Southeast Asia). BA, 1994, Minnesota, Twin Cities; MPA, 1997, Princeton; PhD, 2004, California, Berkeley. (2007)

Priscilla Yamin, associate professor (US politics and history, gender studies, feminist theory). BA, 1990, Wisconsin, Madison; MA, 1996, PhD, 2005, New School for Social Research. (2007)


William H. Baugh, associate professor emeritus. SB, 1963, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS, 1965, Rochester; MA, 1971, PhD, 1973, Indiana. (1978)

Deborah Baumgold, professor emerita. BA, 1971, Oberlin; MA, 1975, PhD, 1980, Princeton. (1987)

Gerald Berk, professor emeritus (American politics, political development, political economy). BA, 1977, Clark; PhD, 1987, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (1994)

Daniel Goldrich, professor emeritus. BA, 1955, Antioch; MA, 1957, PhD, 1959, North Carolina, Chapel Hill. (1963)

Arthur M. Hanhardt Jr., professor emeritus . BA, 1953, Rochester; M.A, 1958, Colgate; Ph.D, 1963, Northwestern. (1963)

Richard Kraus, professor emeritus. BA, 1966, Grinnell; certificate (East Asian Institute), 1969, MA, 1969, PhD, 1974, Columbia. (1983)

Jerry F. Medler, associate professor emeritus. BA, 1963, Northwestern; MA, 1965, PhD, 1966, Oregon. (1968)

Priscilla Southwell, professor emerita. BA, 1974, MA, 1977, Colorado; PhD, 1983, North Carolina, Chapel Hill. (1981)

Richard P. Suttmeier, professor emeritus. AB, 1963, Dartmouth College; PhD, 1969, Indiana. (1990)

M. George Zaninovich, professor emeritus. BA, 1953, MA, 1959, PhD, 1964, Stanford. (1966)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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