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The study of history offers a framework for a liberal education and the background that is essential for understanding the contemporary world. Through analyzing interpretive studies, accounts by witnesses to past events, and historical records, students come to appreciate the complexity of human experience. By examining changes in the past, they develop a broad perspective and the ability to weigh evidence and argument.

Besides paving the way to careers in fields like government, law, journalism, and education, the study of history at the undergraduate or graduate level cultivates critical skills useful in all careers. The top occupations for the department’s majors are: lawyers, teachers, management and administration professionals, marketers, public relations specialists, and fundraisers. One in four history majors will go on to careers in business and business management.



Carlos Aguirre, Professor (Latin America). BA, 1986, Lima (Peru); MA, 1990, Peru; PhD, 1996, Minnesota. (1996)

Ina Asim, Associate Professor (Premodern China). MA, 1982, PhD, 1992, Dr. phil. habil., 2001, Wurzburg. (2002)

Steven Beda, Assistant Professor (20th-century United States, history of labor, environmental history). BA, 2002, Colorado, Boulder; MA, 2008, PhD, 2014, University of Washington (Seattle). ()

Lindsay F. Braun, Associate Professor (Africa). BS, 1994, Eastern Michigan; MA, 1997, Michigan State; PhD, 2008, Rutgers. (2009)

Jamie M. Bufalino, Instructor (Women and Gender in history). BA, 1997, MA, 2001, PhD, 2009, California, Riverside. (2012)

Alexander Dracobly, Senior Instructor (Modern Europe, military, medical). BA, 1987, Grinnell; MA, 1989, PhD, 1996, Chicago. (1995)

Andrew E. Goble, Professor (Premodern Japan, Medical History, East Asia). BA, 1975, MA, 1981, Queensland; PhD, 1987, Stanford. (1990)

Bryna Goodman, Professor (modern China). BA, 1978, Wesleyan; MA, 1982, PhD, 1990, Stanford. (1991)

Melissa Graboyes, Associate Professor (Africa, history of medicine, global health, infectious diseases), Director of African Studies. BA, 2002, UC Davis, MA and MPH, 2007, PhD, 2010, Boston University. (2011) 

Annelise Heinz, Assistant Professor (US women's & gender, LGBTQ, race/ethnicity). BA, 2003, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA. PhD, Stanford. (2015)

Ellen Herman, Professor (Modern United States). BA, 1979, Michigan; PhD, 1993, Brandeis. (1997)

Julie Hessler, Associate Professor (20th-century Russia, Europe). BA, 1988, Yale; MA, 1989, PhD, 1996, Chicago. (1995)

Ocean Howell, Associate Professor (Urban City history US). PhD, 2009, Berkeley (Univ. of California). (2010)

Ryan Tucker Jones, Associate Professor (early modern Europe, Russian empire, Atlantic history); Ann Swindells Chair in History. BA, 1998, Walla Walla; MA, 2001, Georgetown; PhD, 2008, Columbia. (2016)

Vera Keller, Associate Professor (history of science). BA, 2002, Harvard; PhD, 2008, Princeton. (2010)

David M. Luebke, Professor (early modern Europe, Germany). BA, 1983, Nebraska; PhD, 1990, Yale. (1997)

John McCole, Associate Professor (European intellectual, cultural, and social; modern Europe; historiography and theory). BA, 1975, Brown; MA, 1982, PhD, 1988, Boston. (1994)

Ian F. McNeely, Professor (Europe, the world). AB, 1992, Harvard; MA, 1993, PhD, 1998, Michigan. (2000)

Daniel Rosenberg, Professor (Intellectual History, History of Science and Technology, Visual Culture, Language and Linguistics, Enlightenment). BA, 1988, Wesleyan University, PhD, 1996, UC Berkeley. (2012)

Brett Rushforth, Associate Professor (Colonial America, Atlantic world). BA, 1995, Utah; MA, 1998, Utah State; PhD, 2003, California, Davis. (2016)

Arafaat Valiani, Associate Professor (South Asia). BFA, 1996, Concordia; MA, 1997, London School of Economics and Political Science; PhD, 2005, Columbia. (2012)

Lissa Wadewitz, Associate Professor, (Native American, Pacific/Marine World, US West, US Environmental); Carrie C. Beekman Professor of Northwest and Pacific History. BA, Pomona College, PhD, UCLA. (2004)

Marsha Weisiger, Associate Professor (Environmental, Native American, American West); Julie and Rocky Dixon Chair in US Western History. BA, 1978, Arizona State; MA, 1991, PhD, 2000, Wisconsin, Madison. (2010)

Julie Weise, Associate Professor (20th-century United States, modern Mexico, global migration). BA, 2000, MA 2005, MPhil, 2006, PhD, 2009, Yale. (2013)

Timothy Williams, Associate Professor (19th Century U.S., the Civil War and Reconstruction, intellectual and cultural history, book history, gender, education, prisons and prisoners). BA, 2003, Wake Forest, PhD, 2010, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (2014)

Lisa Wolverton, Professor (medieval Europe). BSFS, 1986, Georgetown; MMS, 1991, PhD, 1997, Notre Dame. (2000)

Reuben Zahler, Associate Professor (Latin America). BA, 1991, Cornell; MA, 1999, PhD, 2005, Chicago. (2012)


Robert Bussel, Labor Education and Research Center

Matthew Dennis, Professor Emeritus. BA, 1977, California, Irvine; MA, 1979, PhD, 1986, California, Berkeley. (1988)

Robert S. Haskett, Professor (Latin America). BA, 1975, California, Long Beach; MA, 1978, PhD, 1985, California, Los Angeles. (1988)

Jeffrey E. Hanes, Associate Professor (modern Japan). AB, 1973, Williams; MA, 1978, PhD, 1988, California, Berkeley. (1993)

R. Alan Kimball, Professor Emeritus. (modern Russia). BA, 1961, Kansas; MA, 1963; PhD, 1967, Washington (Seattle).

Jack P. Maddex, Professor Emeritus. BA, 1963, Princeton; PhD, 1966, North Carolina. (1966)

Randall E. McGowen, Professor Emeritus. BA, 1970, American; MA, 1971, PhD, 1979, Illinois. (1982)

James C. Mohr, Professor Emeritus. BA, 1965, Yale; MA, 1966, PhD, 1969, Stanford. (1992)

John Nicols, Professor Emeritus. AB, 1966, California, Berkeley; MA, 1968, PhD, 1974, California, Los Angeles. (1980)

Jeffrey Ostler, former Carrie C. Beekman Professor of Northwest and Pacific History (American West). BA, 1979, Utah; MA, 1984, Oregon; PhD, 1990, Iowa. (1990)

Daniel A. Pope, Professor Emeritus. BA, 1966, Swarthmore; MA, 1968, PhD, 1973, Columbia. (1975)

George J. Sheridan Jr., Professor (France, European Socioeconomic). BA, 1969, Princeton; MA, 1974, PhD, 1978, Yale. (1976)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Judith R. Baskin, Judaic studies

Mark Carey, Honors College

Charise Cheney, Ethnic Studies

James D. Fox, Library

Kevin Hatfield, Office of University Housing

Roxann Prazniak, Honors College

Elizabeth Reis, Women’s and Gender Studies

Gretchen Soderlund, Journalism and Communication

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