Forensic Anthropology Minor

Forensic Anthropology is the study of human remains for medicolegal purposes, relying on facets of human anatomy, skeletal biology, human behavior, taphonomy, and pathology. Forensics applies these sciences to the legal process. This minor in Forensics Anthropology is intended to complement a major in another discipline.

Minor in Forensic Anthropology 

Required Core Courses:8
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
Choose three courses from the following:12
Human Osteology Laboratory
Decoding Your Genome
Advanced Forensic Anthropology
Human Skeletal Pathology
Taphonomy: Bones, Bugs, and Burials
Electives - Choose one course from the following: 14
Principles of Archaeology
Zooarchaeology: [Topic]
Total Credits24