South Asian Studies Minor

The South Asian studies minor explores a dynamic region that includes some of the largest world economies and some of the oldest civilizations. This minor allows students to focus on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, drawing on a wide-ranging curriculum with courses in anthropology, art history, dance, film, geography, history, international studies, linguistics, music, political science, South Asian culture, and religious studies.

First- and second-year language courses cannot be used to satisfy requirements for the minor. All courses used to satisfy minor requirements must be taken for letter grades and passed with grades of C– or better.

South Asian Studies Minor Requirements

Courses in South Asia history4
Course in South Asian history, religion, or philosophy4
Course in contemporary South Asian issues4
Course on South Asian media or culture4
Courses with full or partial South Asia focus8
Total Credits24

At least 12 of the 24 credits must be upper division. Students must consult with one of the South Asia faculty members when determining courses to take.

In addition, students must either demonstrate first-year proficiency in any South Asian vernacular language or complete a ten-week term of study or internship in South Asia, under the supervision of a member of the UO South Asia faculty.

Approved Courses

History, Religion, and Philosophy
Cultures of India
Cities in India and South Asia
Race and Ethnicity in the American West
Dark Self, East and West
Contemporary Issues
Cultures of India and South Asia
Great Books on Modern Asia
Asian Foodways
South Asia: Development and Social Change
Bollywood's Lens on Indian Society
Non-Western Political Theory
Media and Culture
Cultures of India and South Asia
Contemporary Asian Art and Architecture
Islamic Art & Architecture
Arts of the Silk Road
Asian Foodways
Introduction to Asian American Literature
Asian American Writers
Cultures of India
Full or Partial Focus
Great Books on Modern Asia
What Is Asia: Theoretical Debates
Asian Foodways
Gender and Identity in Literature
Economic Growth and Development
Global Literatures in English
Race and Representation in Film: [Topic]
Introduction to Asian American Studies
World Regional Geography
Geography of Globalization
The Global Story of Race
Gender and International Development
Aid to Developing Countries
Development and the Muslim World
American Business History
International Communication
Music in World Cultures
World Religions: Asian Traditions
Introduction to Islam
Islamic Mysticism: [Topic]
Readings in Buddhist Scriptures