Asian Studies Graduate Specialization

Graduate Specialization in Asian Studies

The 16-credit graduate specialization in Asian studies is open to all UO graduate students except for MA students in the Asian Studies Program. This specialization enhances student education and future marketability in careers with nongovernmental or international organizations, the media, government service, education, or the academe.  


In collaboration with faculty members, students achieve mastery in Asian studies by

  • analyzing and critiquing primary and secondary sources related to Asia
  • developing multiple disciplinary perspectives, sources, methods, and modes of analyses used in the study of Asia
  • identifying major themes in Asian history, particularly historical continuities and critical junctures
  • developing an advanced understanding of Asia’s physical and political geography
  • studying major topical issues relevant to modern Asia, which may include economic development, tropical diseases, environmental change, and globalization
  • honing skills to critically analyze modern debates about Asia
Specialization Requirements
Core Seminars
ASIA 611Perspectives on Asian Studies: [Topic]1
ASIA 612Theory and Methodology in Asian Studies: [Topic]3
Breadth Requirement
Three 4-credit courses 112
Total Credits16

Must include more than one academic discipline and more than one Asian country. One course must be outside the student’s focal academic division (e.g., humanities, social science). No more than two of the three courses may be substantially focused on the same Asian country.

To apply for the graduate specialization, fill out the Division of Graduate Studies form.

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