Latin American Studies

Juan Eduardo Wolf, Program Director

126 Frohnmayer Music Building


The University of Oregon offers a bachelor of arts degree in Latin American studies. A minor in Latin American studies is also available. An emphasis on Latin America is available for master of arts (MA) degrees with majors in anthropology, history, global studies, and Spanish. See the AnthropologyHistory, Global Studiesand Romance Languages sections of this catalog.

Study Abroad

Students in University of Oregon overseas study programs enroll in courses with subject codes that are unique to individual programs. Special course numbers are reserved for overseas study.

Participating Faculty

Michael B. Aguilera, sociology

Carlos Aguirre, history

Monique Balbuena, honors college

Erin Beck, political science

Mark Carey, honors college

Christopher Chavez, journalism and communication

Alexandre Dossin, music

Michael Dreiling, sociology

Stephen Dueppen, anthropology

Cecilia Enjuto Rangel, Romance languages

Dennis Galvan, global studies

Pedro García-Caro, Romance languages

Spike Gildea, linguistics

Amalia Gladhart, Romance languages

Miguel Gualdron Ramirez, philosophy

Nathalia Hernandez-Vidal, sociology 

Derrick Hindery, global studies

Craig Kauffman, political science

Ana M. Lara, anthropology

Kathryn A. Lynch, environmental studies

Galen Martin, international studies

Gabriela Martinez, journalism and communication

Cintia Martinez Velasco, philosophy 

Michelle McKinley, law

Lanie Millar, Romance languages

Juan-Carlos Molleda, journalism and communication

Edward Olivos, education studies

Priscilla P. Ovalle, English

Gabriela Perez Baez, linguistics 

Gerardo Sandoval, planning, public policy and management

Philip W. Scher, anthropology

Lynn Stephen, anthropology

Analisa Taylor, Romance languages

Alejandro Vallega, philosophy

Jessica Vasquez-Tokos, sociology

Julie Weise, history

Juan Eduardo Wolf, music

Kristin Yarris, global studies


Linda O. Fuller, women’s and gender studies

Leonardo García-Pabón, Romance languages

Linda Kintz, English

Undergraduate Programs

Major - Bachelor's Degree