Latin American Studies Minor

Latin American Studies provides a thorough grounding in the languages, history, geography, and some of the central cultural and socio-economic issues at stake in the region. The diversity of peoples, cultures, languages, and environments makes the study of Latin America an exciting intellectual adventure. Core courses in the minor are complemented by courses drawn from departments and programs such as Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Geography, Romance Languages, History, Global Studies, and Environmental Studies. Advanced language study is a part of the programMinors will pursue second-year proficiency in a related language.

Minor Requirements

One required introduction course4
Introduction to Latin American Studies
Governments and Politics in Latin America
One additional required course4
Latin American Humanities: [Topic]
Seminar: [Topic]
Introduction to Latin American Philosophy
Development and Social Change in Latin America
20th-Century Latin American Literature: [Topic]
Elective courses 120
Immigration and Farmworkers
Latino Roots I
Latino Roots II
Indigenous Peoples of South America
Survey of Latin American Arts
Decolonization and Education
Introduction to Chicano and Latino Literature
Chicano and Latino Writers
Sustainable Agriculture
Introduction to Chicanx and Latinx Studies
Race, Migration, and Rights
Caribbean Literature and Politics
Global Community Development
Global Reproductive Health
Global Mental Health
World History
Latinos in the Americas
American Business History
Latin America
Latin America
Latin America, 1910 to the Present
Soccer and Society in Latin America
HIST 482
Latin America: [Topic]
Latino Roots I
Latino Roots II
Music of the Americas
Introduction to Latin American Philosophy
Introduction to Environmental Politics
Governments and Politics in Latin America
Latino Heritage I
Latino Heritage II
Cultura y Lengua: Identidades Hispanas
Culture and Language Bilingual Communities
Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics
Hispanic Cultures through Literature I
United States Latino Literature and Culture
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Theater
Introduction to Narrative
Creative Writing in Spanish
History of the Spanish Language
Literary Translation
Spanish in the United States
National Identities and Border Cultures in the Americas
19th-Century Spanish American Literature: [Topic]
20th-Century Latin American Literature: [Topic]
Total Credits28

Students may confer with a program advisor to determine other applicable courses not listed here. Check for courses with Latin American Studies (LAS) themes listed in the Schedule of Classes each term; courses listed under LAS count toward the major or minor. In addition, students may petition the director of the major or minor for the inclusion of other applicable LAS-related courses that have at least 50 percent Latin American Studies-related content.

Language Requirements

Students must satisfactorily complete, with grades of C– or better or P, two years of college-level Spanish- or Portuguese-language courses. Language credits may be earned at the University of Oregon through an approved study abroad or study away program or transferred from another accredited college or university. As an alternative, students may satisfy the language requirement by examination, demonstrating a level of competence equivalent to two years of college-level Spanish or Portuguese. Students whose native language is either Spanish or Portuguese may substitute equivalent competence in English in lieu of this requirement.

Additional Requirements

Of the total 28 credits for the Latin American studies minor—

  • 20 credits must be taken for a letter grade and a passed with a grade of C- or better (8 credits may be taken pass/no pass)
  • 20 credits must be in upper-division (300- or 400-level)
  • 20 credits must be taken on campus at the University of Oregon or in a UO faculty-led study abroad or study away program
  • Limit on Multiple Department Credits: No more than four departments, disciplines, or programs can count toward the minor.
  • Limit on Single Department Credits: No more than 12 credits (or three courses) from any single department can count toward the minor.
  • Allowances for Study Abroad and Study Away Credits: 8 credits may be earned through successful completion of pre-approved courses in a study abroad program at an accredited Latin American college or university or a study away program such as Escuela Helvetia; transfer credits from universities outside Latin America are considered individually, following existing procedures in appropriate departments for determining their equivalence to UO courses.
  • Allowances for Upper-Division Language Courses as Electives for the LAS Minor: Spanish, Portuguese, or Indigenous language courses must be upper-division literature and culture courses to count toward completion of the 28-credit minor requirement.