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Yvonne Braun, Department Head
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Students who major in Global Studies learn interdisciplinary approaches to considering human wellbeing and development, and develop skills to understand complex social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental dynamics shaping contemporary issues in the world today from a critical perspective. Global Studies offers bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of science (BS), and master of arts (MA) degrees in global studies and minors in global studies, global health, and global service, as well as a Peace Corps Prep Certificate. The programs are tailored to give students the theoretical tools to make sense of the fast-changing global arena; ensure the practical application of their research and learning; immerse them in the learning of language, history, and culture of a major world region; ensure they live, study, conduct research, or hold an internship that enhances their intercultural knowledge, understanding, and skills; and help them develop a professional concentration area suitable for their career goals. For the Global Studies undergraduate major programs, professional concentration and geographic focus options are listed in the Undergraduate section of the department page.

The Department of Global Studies is a member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs and the International Studies Association. These associations provide more opportunities in research, internships, funding, and employment for global studies students. A degree in an interdisciplinary field such as Global Studies prepares graduates for many different career avenues. From media to politics, government, business, the non-profit sector, law, and education, Global Studies prepares students to step into the career of their dreams well-equipped with the necessary experience to be successful. More info:


Aneesh Aneesh, professor (sociology, global studies). BA, 1987, University of Allahabad, Allahabad; MA, 1996, University of California, Irvine; PhD, 2001, Rutgers University, New Jersey. (2022)

Yvonne A. Braun, professor (gender and development, social change, Africa). BA, 1994, State University of New York, Geneseo; MA, 2000, PhD, 2005, California, Irvine. (2005)

Kathie Carpenter, professor (childhood, children's museums, Southeast Asia). BA, 1975, California, San Diego; MA, 1983, PhD, 1987, Stanford. (1989)

Dennis C. Galvan, professor (comparative politics, international development, Africa and Indonesia). BA, 1987, Stanford; MA, 1990, PhD, 1996, California, Berkeley. (2001)

Derrick Hindery, associate professor (environment and development, global economic restructuring, indigenous movements, Latin America). BA, 1994, MA, 1997, PhD, 2003, California, Los Angeles. (2007)

Galen Martin, senior instructor II (environmental and cultural geography, global food security, Latin America). AA, 1977, Hesston College; BA, 1980, Goshen College; MA, 1985, Oregon; PhD, 2003, California, Davis. (1998)

David Meek, associate professor (food sovereignty, popular education, India and Brazil). BA, 2004, Bard College; MSc, 2007, Antioch, New England; PhD, 2014, Georgia. (2018)

Lesley Jo Weaver, associate professor (health disparities, race, India and Brazil). BA, 2004, Smith College; MPH 2008, PhD, 2014, Emory University. (2018)

Stephen R. Wooten, associate professor (local-global dynamics, food studies, Africa). BA, 1986, Massachusetts, Amherst; MA, 1993, PhD, 1997, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (1999)

Kristin Yarris, associate professor (global health, migration, Latin America). BA, 1994, Lewis and Clark College; MPH, MA, 2004, PhD, 2011, California, Los Angeles. (2012)


Gerald W. Fry, professor emeritus. BA, 1964, Stanford; MPA, 1966, Princeton; PhD, 1977, Stanford. (1981)

Anita M. Weiss, professor (gender and development, political Islam, South Asia). BA, 1975, Rutgers; MA, 1976, PhD, 1983, California, Berkeley. (1987)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Carlos Aguirre, history

Ina Asim, history

Oluwakemi Balogun, women's, gender, and sexuality studies

Diane B. Baxter, anthropology

Erin Beck, political science

Bruce A. Blonigen, economics

Lindsay F. Braun, history

Daniel P. Buck, geography

Alfredo Burlando, economics

Mark Carey, honors college

Shankha Chakraborty, economics

Liska Chan, landscape architecture

Shaul E. Cohen, geography

Rick Colby, religious studies

Jane K. Cramer, political science

Robert L. Davis, Romance languages

André Djiffack, Romance languages

Maram Epstein, East Asian languages and literatures

Michael Fakhri, law

John B. Foster, sociology

Alisa D. Freedman, East Asian languages and literatures

Pedro García-Caro, Latin American studies

Ibrahim J. Gassama, law

Bryna Goodman, history

Sangita Gopal, English

Jeffrey E. Hanes, history

Robert S. Haskett, history

Michael Hibbard, planning, public policy and management

David Hollenberg, religious studies

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, East Asian languages and literatures

Lamia Karim, anthropology

Craig Kauffman, political science

Karrie Koesel, political science

Nicolas Larco, architecture

Jeffrey Magoto, Yamada Language Center

Gabriela Martinez, journalism and communication

Michelle McKinley, law

Karen McPherson, Romance languages

Ronald B. Mitchell, political science

Alexander B. Murphy, geography

Michael Malek Najjar, theater arts

Kevin Nute, architecture

Eileen M. Otis, sociology

Craig Parsons, political science

Doris L. Payne, linguistics

Eric W. Pederson, linguistics

Philip W. Scher, anthropology

Carol T. Silverman, anthropology

Lars Skalnes, political science

Alison Snyder, architecture

H. Leslie Steeves, journalism and communication

Lynn Stephen, anthropology

Jeffrey Stolle, management

Xiaobo Su, geography

Tuong Vu, political science

Peter A. Walker, geography

Janis C. Weeks, biology

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