Operations and Business Analytics


Michael Pangburn, Ehrman V. Guistina Professor | Department Head
Professor of Operations and Business Analytics


Eren Çil, Robert J. and Leona M. DeArmond Research Scholar, associate professor (game theory, queueing theory, service operations, strategic pricing and competition, supply chains); Coordinator, Operations and Business Analytics PhD Program; Academic Director, Oregon MBA. BS, 2004, Middle Eastern Technical; MS, 2006, Koç; PhD, 2010, Northwestern. (2010)

Erik Ford, senior instructor I (information technology). BS, 2013, MBA, 2015, Oregon. (2015)

Ming Jin, instructor (operations management, business analytics, supply chain management). BE, 2001, Shanghai Jiao Ton University; MS, 2005 Brigham Young; MS, 2007, Columbia; PhD, 2016, Utah. (2017)

Nagesh Murthy, Roger Engemann Professor (call center industry, health-care operations). BE, 1982, MMS, 1983, Birla Institute of Technology and Science; MS, 1988, MA, 1994, PhD, 1997, Ohio State. (2003)

Michael Pangburn, Ehrman V. Giustina Professor (retail operations, pricing models, product line design). BS, 1990, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ. MS, 1993, PhD, 1997, Rochester. (2002)

Pradeep Pendem, assistant professor (operational performance impact on financial outcomes, people operations, retail, healthcare, energy product delivery, customer contact services). BE, 2006, Andhra; MTech, 2008, Indian Statistical Institute; MS, 2015, PhD, 2018, North Carolina. (2018)

Saeed Piri, assistant professor (business and data analytics, machine learning, healthcare analytics, operations analytics, decision support systems). BS, 2008, Amirkabir University of Technology; MS, 2011, Sharif University of Technology; PhD, 2017, Oklahoma State. (2018)

Behrooz Pourghannad, assistant professor (health care, business model innovation, supply chain management).  BS, 2008, Azad University; MA, 2013, Sabanci University,Turkey; MA, 2015, Michigan; PhD, 2019, Minnesota. (2022)

Yasamin Vahdati, instructor (empirical strategy, CEO and CMO activism). BSc, 2009, Azad; MBA, 2013, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology; PhD, 2019, Oklahoma State. (2020) 

Zhibin "Ben" Yang, Edwin E. and June Woldt Cone Research Scholar, associate professor (applied machine learning and machine learning in business; operations research; supply chain contract design, management, risk management, and sustainability). BS, 1994, Southwest Jiaotong; MS, 2002, Arizona State; PhD, 2009, Michigan. (2009)

Fang Yin, senior instructor I (business value of IT, electronic commerce, recommender systems). BA, 1992, Peking, Beijing; PhD, 2002, Texas, Austin. (2008)


Sergio Koreisha, professor emerit. BA, 1974, ME, 1975, California; DBA, 1980. Harvard. (1980)

James Reinmuth, professor emerit. BA, 1963, Washington; MS, 1965, PhD, 1969, Oregon State. (1967)

Larry Richards, associate professor emerit. BA, 1962, MBA, 1963, Washington; PhD, 1969, California, Los Angeles. (1966)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.