Sports Product Management (MS)

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The University of Oregon partnered with the sports and outdoor product Industry’s best to create a Master of Science in Sports Product Management. Our mission is to build worldwide leaders in the sports product industry by offering hands-on opportunities to build products, networking with sports and outdoor industry leaders, and teaching through the lenses of global business, sustainability, and innovation. We teach the business of product creation.

The master’s degree is available as an immersive, 18-month program onsite in Portland for emerging talent and an innovative, 21-month online program for working professionals. The Admissions process includes interviews and requires submission of specific materials. Information is found on the program's website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the components of developing a marketing plan and can apply them to developing a specific product and each step needed to bringing it to market.
  • Understand and can properly apply the concepts of accounting to the product development through go to market for a sports product.
  • Understand the subcomponents of a product strategy and are able to develop and execute each subcomponent.
  • Students understand the complexities of producing and marketing a product in a global setting.
  • Understand the elements of product design and use this understanding to develop products. In particular, sustainability, supply chain, prototyping, e-smart products and human physiology are considered and properly included in design.
  • Understand themselves and the principles of leadership and can apply them in making their teams successful.

Sports Product Management Requirements

SPM 601Research: [Topic] (Product Creation Lab I)1
SPM 606Practicum: [Topic] (Professional Development I)1
SPM 610Experimental Course: [Topic] (Consumer Research)3
SPM 624Sports Product Branding3
SPM 627Sports Product Line Management3
SPM 631MHuman Performance and Sports Products3
SPM 601Research: [Topic] (Product Creation Lab II)1
SPM 606Practicum: [Topic] (Professional Development II)1
SPM 610Experimental Course: [Topic] (Sourcing and Costing Strategies)3
SPM 610Experimental Course: [Topic] (Sustainability in Sports Products)3
SPM 610Experimental Course: [Topic] (Design Thinking)3
SPM 637Sports Product Development3
Europe trip
SPM 601Research: [Topic] (Product Creation Lab III)1
SPM 606Practicum: [Topic] (Professional Development III)1
SPM 610Experimental Course: [Topic] (Sustainable Supply Chain and Logistics)3
SPM 640Sports Marketing Strategy3
MGMT 614Strategic Management3
Bend Company Visits
SPM 601Research: [Topic] (Go-To-Market)3
SPM 653Law and Ethics in Sports Product Management3
ACTG 612Financial Accounting3
MGMT 620Managing Global Business3
MGMT 625New Venture Planning3
Asia Trip
SPM 606Practicum: [Topic] (Capstone)3
SPM 606Practicum: [Topic] (Leadership I)3
SPM 606Practicum: [Topic] (Leadership II)3
Total Credits63