General Business Executive (MBA)

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Designed for accomplished mid-to-senior managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with demanding schedules, the Oregon Executive MBA in Portland is a transformational experience that gives already accomplished professionals the confidence and skills to become successful leaders in today’s complex and global business world. Executive MBA programs are designed for those who want to work full time while earning a graduate degree in twenty months, with the summer off. Executive MBA programs cater to midcareer professionals positioning themselves to move up the corporate ladder by deepening their already broad knowledge base, by sharpening their skills, and by tackling problems their organization will face in the coming years.

Classes are held twice a month on consecutive Fridays and Saturdays. Courses are open only to students who apply and are admitted to this program. For more information, visit the admissions website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze information and use fundamental business concepts to make strategic decisions.
  • Be guided by ethical precepts in making business decisions.
  • Think strategically in a global business context.
  • Develop and communicate solutions to real world problems and/or opportunities.

General Business Executive Major