John Chalmers, Abbott Keller Professor of Finance | Department Head
Professor of Finance


Deborah Bauer, Peter and Molly Powell Senior Instructor II of Finance (investment strategies, competitive analysis). BS 1997, Bryant; MS, 2001, Oregon. (2001)

Ioannis Branikas, assistant professor (household finance, corporate social responsibility, mutual funds). BA, 2010, MSc, 2012, Athens University of Economics and Business; MA, 2014, PhD, 2018, Princeton. (2018)

Roger Busse, professor of practice, BA, Reed; MTS, Harvard. (2021)

Maria Chaderina, assistant professor (capital structure, liquidity management, financial intermediation). BS, 2007, London; BS, 2007, Higher School of Economics; PhD, 2013, Carnegie Mellon. (2019)

John Chalmers, Abbott Keller Professor of Finance (household finance, municipal bond markets, mutual funds, retirement behavior, transaction costs); Head, Department of Finance. BA, 1985, Middlebury; MS, 1992, PhD, 1995, Rochester. (1996)

Diane Del Guercio, Gerry and Marilyn Cameron Professor in Finance (corporate governance, institutional investors, pension funds and mutual funds); Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs. BA, 1986, California, Santa Barbara; MA, 1989, PhD, 1994, Chicago. (1994)

Ali Emami, senior instructor II (economics of the public accounting profession, international trade and finance). BS, 1972, National University of Iran; MS, 1980, Oregon; PhD, 1988, Oregon State. (1991)

Roberto Gutierrez, associate professor (asset pricing, return anomalies, trading of institutional money managers); Academic Director, Master of Science in Finance Program. BS, 1992, Tulane; PhD, 1999, North Carolina. (2003)

Brandon Julio, Alumni Investment Management Research Scholar, associate professor (corporate investment, international finance, mergers and acquisitions, payout policy, politics and finance, capital structure). BA, 1998, Brigham Young; MS, 2001, South Carolina; MS, 2005, PhD, 2007, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (2014)

Stephen McKeon, associate professor (cryptocurrency, venture capital, private equity). BS, 2000, Oregon; MS, 2009, PhD, 2011, Purdue. (2011)

Derek Nalle, senior instructor I (greening economies and investment); Program Manager, Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis. BS Miami University; MS, PhD, Oregon State (2001)

Robert Ready, Robert J. and Leona M. DeArmond Research Scholar, associate professor (asset pricing, commodities, international finance, macroeconomics). BA, 2003, Carnegie Mellon; MS, 2008, PhD, 2011, Pennsylvania. (2017)

Zhi "Jay" Wang, Alumni Investment Management Research Scholar, associate professor (asset management, institutional investors, market liquidity). BA, 1994, Peking (Beijing); MS, 1998, PhD, 2000, Iowa State; PhD, 2004, Michigan, Ann Arbor. (2012)

Michael Wismer, instructor (real estate). BA, 1970, MS, 1974, Brigham Young. (1996)

Youchang Wu, John B. Rogers Research Scholar, associate professor (asset pricing, corporate finance); Coordinator, Finance PhD Program. BS, 1994, MS, 1996, Peking, Beijing; PhD, 2004, Vienna. (2015)


Larry Dann, professor emerit. BS, 1967, Northwestern; MBA, 1969, Harvard; PhD, 1980, California, Los Angeles. (1977)

Jennifer Ellis, senior instructor I emerit. BA, 1977, MA, 1978, University of Essex; PhD, 1992, Oregon (1997)

Jerome Dasso, professor emerit. BS, 1951, Purdue; MBA, 1952, Michigan; MS, 1960, PhD, 1964, Wisconsin, Madison. (1966)

Wayne Mikkelson, professor emerit. BA, 1974, Macalester; MS, 1978, PhD, 1980, Rochester. (1984)

George Racette, associate professor emerit. BA, 1966, Stanford; MBA, 1967, Michigan; PhD, 1972, Washington. (1974)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Glen R. Waddell, professor (applied econometrics, industrial organization, labor economics). See Economics.