David Wagner, Doug McKay Research Scholar | Department Head
Associate Professor of Management


Eric Boggs, instructor (experiential learning, leadership development, resilient leadership, outdoor education and wilderness leadership development, social impact, responsibility, and entrepreneurship); Director, Business Honors Program. BA, 2001, Lewis and Clark College; MA, 2010, Pacific; MS, 2011, Oregon. (2017)

Tina Boscha, instructor. BA, Calvin College; MA, 1997, Wisconsin; MFA, 2002, Oregon. (2019)

Thomas Cieslak II, senior instructor I. BS, MA, Wayne State; PhD, 2004, The Ohio State. (2022)

Kay Crider, instructor (business law, environmental law, litigation). BA, 1986, California; JD, 1989, Chicago-Kent College of Law. (2010) 

Michael Crooke, professor of practice. BS, MBA, Humboldt; PhD, Claremont. (2012)

John Davis, professor of practice (business sustainability, international business and brand strategy, leadership, marketing and sales management, marketing measurement and accountability, sports marketing); Program Manager, Center for Sustainable Business Practices. BA, 1982, Stanford; MBA, Columbia, 1990. (2022)

Scott Day, Peter and Molly Powell Senior Instructor of Management. BA, 1980, Wisconsin; JD, 1984, Toledo (2022) 

Khonika Gope, assistant professor. BS, 2007, Bangladesh University; MBA, 2010, Emory; PhD, 2023, Stanford. (2023)

Ralph Heidl, Inman Research Scholar, associate professor (collaborative networks, innovation management, intellectual property strategy, technology entrepreneurship). MS, 1994, MS, 2000, Pennsylvania State; PhD, 2010, Washington. (2015)

Greg Hennessy, instructor. BS, 1987, Houston; MS, 1989, California Institute of Technology; MS, 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PhD, 2021, Claremont. (2021)

Dan Howard, instructor. (business law, negotiations, professional ethics, and tax research). BA, 1996, Ohio State; JD, 2000, California (2022) 

Jody Johannessen, senior instructor I (management strategy, organizational behavior, and international business). AB, Princeton: MBA, MM, 2000, Northwestern (2022)

Chuck Kalnbach, Thomas E. Wildish Senior Instructor II of Management (generations in the workplace, organizational development). BA, 1991, Thomas Edison State; MS, 1995, Indiana, Bloomington; EdD, 2008, Nova Southeastern. (2003)

Lauren Lanahan, Inman Research Scholar, associate professor (high tech ventures, research and development, institutions, public policy). BA, 2006, Reed College; MA, 2013, PhD, 2015, North Carolina. (2015)

Nathan Lillegard, instructor (early-stage finance and operations, new venture development, technology transfer and licensing, venture capital and business funding). BA, 1998, MBA, 2006, Oregon. (2012)

Chris Liu, associate professor (entrepreneurship, scientists, social influences): Coordinator, Management PhD Program. BA, 1997, Washington; PhD, 2005, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; DBA, 2010, Harvard. (2019) 

Farhad Malekafzali, instructor (American institutions, international relations, comparative government). PhD, 1994, Wisconsin. (2012)

Emily Moore, instructor. BS, 2002, New Hampshire; MS, 2019, Oregon. (2019)

Alex Murray, assistant professor (crowdfunding, decentralized governance, distributed ledger technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, resource mobilization, technology entrepreneurship, venture finance). BS, 2011, Alabama; MS, 2012, Virginia; PhD, 2018, Washington. (2019) 

Andrew Nelson, Randall C. Papé Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, professor (entrepreneurship, innovation, interorganizational networks, occupations and technology, research commercialization). BA, 1998, Stanford; MS, 2000, Oxford; PhD, 2007, Stanford. (2008)

Amy Nuetzman, instructor. BA, 1997, Western Oregon; MA, 2000, New Mexico Highlands. (2019) 

Natasha Overmeyer, assistant professor. AB, 2013, Harvard; PhD, 2023, Stanford. (2023)

Anne Parmigiani, Carolyn S. Chambers Professor of Management (capabilities, firm boundaries, firm capabilities, interfirm relationships, knowledge transfer, supply chain management, vertical interfirm relationships). BS, 1987, MBA, 1996, Pennsylvania State; PhD, 2003, Michigan, Ann Arbor. (2004)

Mike Russo, professor (corporate policy and strategy, entrepreneurship, environmental management, technology and sustainability). BS, 1979, Columbia; MS, 1980, Stanford; MBA, 1986, PhD, 1989, California, Berkeley. (1989)

Mindy Schindler, instructor. BS, 2010, Towson: MBA, 2012, Chadron State (2022)

Steve Schmidt, instructor. BS, 1992, Oregon State; MBA, 2011, Northwest Christian. (2016) 

Joshua Skov, senior instructor I (life-cycle assessment, clean energy finance, carbon accounting); Academic Director and Industry Mentor, Center for Sustainable Business Practices. BA, 1992, Yale; MA, 1994, Washington; MA, 1997, California, Berkeley. (2009)

Tina Starr, senior instructor I (business management, expatriates, human resources management, international business, international human resources management). BSc, 2000, Derby; MSc, 2001, PhD, 2006, Nottingham. (2011)

Jeffrey Stolle, Bashaw Senior Instructor II of Management (ethics, critical thinking). BA, 1990, St. Thomas - Minnesota; MA, 1994, Vanderbilt; PhD, 2001, Oregon. (2007)

David Wagner, Doug McKay Research Scholar, associate professor (human sustainability, work-life interface, mood and emotion, sleep and work); Head, Department of Management. BS, 2002, MAcc, 2004, Brigham Young; PhD, 2009, Michigan State. (2014)

Peter A. Younkin, Inman Research Scholar, associate professor (entrepreneurship, diversity, cultural industries). BA, 1999, Columbia; PhD, 2010, California, Berkeley. (2018)


David Dusseau, senior instructor I emerit. BS, 1974, Ohio State; MBA, 1985, PhD, 1992 Oregon. (1984)

Warren Brown, professor emerit. BS, 1955, Colorado; MS, 1957, Stanford; MS, 1959, PhD, 1962, Carnegie-Mellon. (1967)

Beth Hjelm, senior instructor I emerit. BA, 1980. Notre Dame; MS, 1982, Kellogg School of Management. (2002)

Alan Meyer, professor emerit. BA, 1968, MBA, 1970, Washington; PhD, 1978, California, Berkeley. (2009)

Peter Mills, professor emerit. BS, 1970, MBA, 1971, California State, Long Beach; PhD, 1978, Stockholm; PhD, 1980, California, Irvine. (1995)

Rick Mowday, professor emerit. BS, 1970, San Jose; MS, 1972, PhD, 1975, California, Irvine. (1977)

Bill Starbuck, courtesy professor in residence emerit. AB, 1956, Harvard College; MS, 1959, PhD, 1964, Carnegie Institute of Technology. (2017)

Richard  Steers, professor emerit. BA, 1967, Whittier; MBA, 1968, Southern California; PhD, 1973, California, Irvine. (1975)

James Terborg, professor emerit. BA, 1970, Calvin; MS, 1972, Eastern Michigan; PhD, 1975, Purdue. (1980)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.