Food Studies Minor

The minor in food studies gives students the opportunity to learn more about food and its central place in the human experience. Students take courses in a wide variety of disciplines, such as anthropology, history, environmental science, and human physiology. They also gain practical experience outside the classroom. Because food itself plays such a central role in the life and well-being of communities, the food studies minor promotes students’ civic engagement.

Program's Admission Requirements

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Minor in Food Studies

Foundational Courses
ENVS 225Introduction to Food Studies4
ANTH 220Introduction to Nutritional Anthropology4
or ANTH 248 Archaeology of Wild Foods
or HPHY 105 Principles of Nutrition
HIST 215Food in World History4
or HUM 245 Food, Art, and Literature
or PHIL 220 Food Ethics
Elective Courses8
Introduction to Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Archaeology of Wild Foods
Immigration and Farmworkers
Hunters and Gatherers
Food Origins
Food and Culture
La cultura culinaria
Urban Farm
Mediterranean Foodways
Capstone Seminar4
Asian Foodways
Food and Schools
Sustainable Agriculture
Folklore and Foodways
Contemporary Food Systems
Urban Farm
Civic Agriculture
Issues in Environmental Sociology [Topic]
Total Credits24

Additional Requirements

  • The minor requires 24 graded credits (6 courses) from approved courses, at least twelve of which must be upper-division courses.
  • Letter grades of C- or better must be earned in all courses applied to the minor.
  • Students can count up to two upper-division courses from their major department.
  • Students are required to take at least one 400-level course or capstone seminar.
  • No more than three courses with the same subject heading will count for the minor (including ENVS).
  • Food-related UO Study Abroad courses apply to the minor. Programs | Global Education Oregon (

Applicable courses are not limited to the ones shown here. Check the Food Studies website for a Tip Sheet each term: Undergraduate Minor in Food Studies | Food Studies Program (