Ethnic Studies Minor

The Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies Department offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor, constructed in consultation with an Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies faculty adviser.

Minor in Ethnic Studies

Lower Division
ES 101Introduction to Ethnic Studies4
Two 200-level courses with ES subject code8
Upper Division
Four approved courses, including two with ES subject code16
Total Credits28

Upper-division courses must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon. The minor program must be planned in consultation with an ethnic studies advisor at least two terms before graduation. Courses applied to the minor must be taken for letter grades and passed with grades of mid-C or better. Students minoring in ethnic studies may apply credits in Research: [Topic] (ES 401) and Reading and Conference: [Topic] (ES 405) only if completed with letter grades of mid-C or better. Credits in Practicum: [Topic] (ES 406) may be applied toward the minor on a graded or pass/no pass basis.