Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies Graduate Certificate

Graduate students from any UO department may apply for admission and add the certificate to their degree programs.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of many of the central theoretical debates in the discipline of ethnic studies and be able to bring theoretical knowledge to bear on their areas of study.
  • Critically engage a breadth of topics across different fields within Ethnic Studies, such as: Indigeneity, Queer Race Studies, Social Policy, Environmental Justice, Media and Popular Culture, Immigration and Migration studies, Carceral Studies, Social Justice and Resistance.
  • Critically engage in-depth debates within particular fields or areas in ethnic studies.
  • Craft persuasive arguments supported by interdisciplinary and intersectional resources in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies.

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

The graduate certificate in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies provides graduate students across campus the opportunity to enroll in a concentrated program of study centered on race, indigeneity, and intersectionality. The certificate provides a foundational curriculum as well as a specialized focus in areas aligned with students' interests.

One IRES Core Course:5
ES 615
ES 616
Genealogies of Ethnic Studies
One Substantive IRES Topics Course:5
Race, Space, and Power: [Topic]
Cultural Production: [Topic]
Resistance and Dissent: [Topic]
Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies: [Topic]
Four Graduate-Level ES Electives:16
Seminar: [Topic]
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Race, Literature, and Culture: [Topic]
Caribbean Literature and Politics
Race and Incarceration
Race and Ethnicity and the Law: [Topic]
History of Native American Education
Race, Culture, Empire: [Topic]
Seminar: [Topic]
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Total Credits26

Graduate students will develop their curriculum plans with the IRES Director of Graduate Studies to best complement individual needs and goals for their graduate studies. Courses not taught by our graduate faculty may be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. 

To Apply:
Students should email the Director of Graduate Studies at to apply for the graduate certificate, more information and forms can be found on our graduate certificate website