Theater Arts (MFA)


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of subject content and technical skills though course work.
  • Demonstrate effective artistic, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate pedagogic ability in teaching and/or supervising undergraduates.
  • Develop technical and artistic skills necessary to carry out and report on a significant "Final Project" (as outlined in the Graduate Handbook).

Master of Fine Arts Degree Requirements

The following are minimum requirements, all of which must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of Research: [Topic] (TA 601) and Terminal Project (TA 609).

TA 601Research: [Topic]4
TA 607Seminar: [Topic] 18
TA 609Terminal Project16
Design and technology courses 224
Theater history, literature, and theory courses at the 500 and 600 level8
Related courses outside the department 38
At least one course from acting, directing, dramaturgy, or stage management4
Additional graded graduate-level theater arts course work16
Total Credits88

Course topics change every term. The MFA requires at least 8 credits. Students may also take approved and graded 600-level course work.


Must include at least one course each in lighting, scenery, and costumes.


With advisor approval, undergraduate courses at the 300 level may apply.

Additional Requirements

  • A minimum grade point average of 3.00
  • Completion and approval of a final project and written document

The master of fine arts degree does not require proficiency in a second language. Coursework is substantially completed during the first years; the MFA program typically takes three years to complete.