Theater Arts Minor

The purpose of the Minor degree in Theatre is to expose the student to a variety of the disciplines within Theatre and to allow for some specialization.

Theater Arts Minor Requirements

Coursework for the minor must be completed with letter grades of mid-C or better. At least 16 credits must be taken at the university. One course in each of the following areas must be included:

  • literature and criticism
  • performance
  • technical theater
  • theater history
Theater arts courses8
Upper-division theater arts courses16
Total Credits24

Approved Courses

Literature and Criticism
Introduction to Theater Arts
Studies in Theater and Culture: [Topic]
Multicultural Theater: [Topic]
Theater Capstone: [Topic]
Introduction to Acting
Acting Scene Study
Acting Auditions
Advanced Acting: [Topic]
Technical Theater
Introduction to Design
Theater Production I
Theater Production II
Costume Design
Costume Pattern Drafting
Scene Design: Single Set
Lighting for the Stage
Advanced Projects in Theater Technology: [Topic]
Theater History
History of the Theater I
History of the Theater II
History of the Theater III
Costume History I
Costume History II
Studies in Theater and Culture: [Topic]