Music Graduate Specializations

Graduate Specialization in Collaborative Piano

MUS 521The Collaborative Pianist2
MUS 522The Collaborative Pianist2
MUS 523The Collaborative Pianist2
MUP 650Music Performance Studies2
MUP 650Music Performance Studies2
MUP 650Music Performance Studies2
MUS 567Solo Vocal Music3
MUS 568Solo Vocal Music3
Total Credits18

Two Chamber Music Recitals

Year One: A 45-60 minute chamber music/art-song recital.

Year Two: A 60-90 minute chamber music/art-song recital.

This specialization is available to all MM Piano Performance, MM Piano Pedagogy, & DMA Piano Performance Majors.  Exceptions may be made with permission of the UO SOMD Director of Collaborative Piano.


Graduate Specialization in Ethnomusicology

Core Courses
MUS 551Introduction to Ethnomusicology4
FLR 595Folklore Fieldwork4
MUS 671Seminar in Ethnomusicology: [Topic]4
Ensemble Courses2
World Music Ensemble: [Topic] (One of the two ensemble options)
Dema African Performance Ensemble: [Topic]
Additional 4-credit class4
Musical Instruments of the World (Possible elective)
Popular Musics in the African Diaspora
Seminar in Ethnomusicology: [Topic] (Must be different topic other MUS 671)

Graduate Specialization in Historical Performance Practice

Choose 1 of the following (total 3 credits):
MUS 660Music in the Middle Ages3
MUS 661Music in the Renaissance3
MUS 662Music in the Baroque Era3
MUS 663Music in the Classical Period3
Choose 2 of the following (total 6 credits):
MUS 680–682Historical Performance Practices I-III6
The following required courses:
MUS 683: Rhetoric & Music (currently a MUS607 recurring seminar; course change has been submitted to UOCC for approval)4
MUS 684: Musical Iconography (currently a MUS607 recurring seminar; course change has been submitted to UOCC for approval)4
MUS 691Collegium Musicum1
Total Credits18

Graduate Specialization in Jazz Pedagogy

MUJ 540Jazz Pedagogy Practicum3
MUJ 661Jazz Program Planning and Development3
MUP 635Music Performance Studies: [Topic] (Three terms required/2 credits each term)2
MUP 635Music Performance Studies: [Topic]2
MUP 635Music Performance Studies: [Topic]2
MUE 615Jazz Practicum (3 terms, 1 credit per term)3
Ensemble Requirements, to be chosen from list3
Jazz Laboratory Band III
Jazz Laboratory Band II
Oregon Jazz Ensemble
Small Jazz Ensemble: [Topic]
Chamber Ensemble: [Topic] (Jazz Guitar)
Chamber Ensemble: [Topic] (Latin Jazz)
Total Credits18

In addition, students must pass a skills exam testing jazz/commercial music theory and keyboard skills.

Graduate Specialization in Music Theory Pedagogy

Choose one of the following:3
Tonal Analysis: Linear Prolongational Analysis
Tonal Analysis: Form in Tonal Music
Tonal Analysis: Analysis of Popular Music
MUE 639Pedagogy and Practicum: [Topic] (Music Theory Pedagogy)3
MUS 516Post-Tonal Theory I3
MUS 615Current Trends in Music Theory3
MUS 672Seminar: Music Theory: [Topic] (Graduate Seminar in Music Theory)4
Students must also pass a skills exam testing aural musicianship and keyboard skills
Total Credits16

Graduate Specialization in Piano Pedagogy

MUE 571Piano Pedagogy I: Teaching Beginners3
MUE 572Piano Pedagogy II: Teaching Groups2
MUE 573Piano Pedagogy III: Teaching Intermediate Levels2
MUE 639Pedagogy and Practicum: [Topic]3
MUP 650Music Performance Studies2
MUP 650Music Performance Studies2
MUP 650Music Performance Studies2
Total Credits16

Students who have been admitted into the M.M. Piano Performance, M.M. Collaborative Piano, D.M.A. Piano Performance, and D.M.A. Collaborative Piano degree programs may declare the Graduate Specialization in Piano Pedagogy without any additional audition or admissions procedures.

Students in other music graduate degree programs (that are not piano) will need to audition and demonstrate piano ability at the advanced level. 

The Graduate Specialization in Violin/Viola Pedagogy will provide violin and viola students in the MM Performance and DMA Performance degrees the opportunity to pursue a cognate in the pedagogy field. 

Graduate Specialization in Violin/Viola Pedagogy

MUE 559Fundamentals of Violin and Viola Teaching2
MUE 564Advanced Violin/Viola Pedagogy2
MUE 565Somatics for String Players1
MUE 560Early-Intermediate Violin Repertoire and Technique2
MUE 566Community Music Institute Practicum (4 terms required)4
MUE 563Pedagogy Methods: Violin and Viola2
MUE 639Pedagogy and Practicum: [Topic]3
Minimum Required Credits:16