Music Education (PhD)

The University of Oregon offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Data-Driven Music Performance and Composition, Music Composition, Music Education, Music Theory, and Musicology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • The doctoral degree program in music education emphasizes the preparation of music administrators, teachers, researchers, and educational leaders who are able to think abstractly, generalize knowledge, carry on research and apply research results to their own areas of specialization, and communicate effectively both orally and in written form. The program involves the scholarly study of the philosophical and psychological foundations of music education and the processes of teaching and learning music, culmination in a dissertation.

Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education

Graduate Course in Qualitative Research 13-4
MUE 612Quantitative Research in Music Education3
MUE 641College Music Teaching3
MUE 647Psychology of Music3
MUE 649History of Western Music Education3
MUE 607Seminar: [Topic] (3 terms) 23
Research Development Courses (8 credits or 2 courses) 36-8
MUE 601Research: [Topic] (Dissertation Proposal Reseach) 43-6
Diagnostic Exam
Comprehensive Exam
MUE 603Dissertation 518
Public Lecture and final oral defense
Total Credits45-51