Music Composition (PhD)

The University of Oregon offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Data-Driven Music Performance and Composition, Music Composition, Music Education, Music Theory, and Musicology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • The doctoral degree program in composition stresses creative activity emphasizing the development of a personal aesthetic expressible in sound.
  • Competencies also include a broad knowledge of historical and contemporary compositional practices, music theory, history and criticism, and creative approaches to relationships of these to the compositional process.

Doctor of Philosophy in Music Composition Requirements

MUS 611Research Methods in Music3
MUS 629Repertoire and Analysis3
MUE 641College Music Teaching3
MUS 665Music in the 20th Century3
Music in Historic Era - select one from the following:3
Music in the Middle Ages
Music in the Renaissance
Music in the Baroque Era
Music in the Classical Period
Music in the Romantic Era
Non-Music Courses 18
Research Development Courses (8 credits or 2 courses) 26-8
MUE 639Pedagogy and Practicum: [Topic]3
MUS 538Composers Forum (at least 4 terms)4
Two sequences of the following:18
Advanced Composition Studies
Select one course from the following:3-4
Interactive Media Performance
Advanced Electronic Composition
MUS 533–535Counterpoint12
MUS 530Tonal Analysis: Linear Prolongational Analysis3
MUS 516Post-Tonal Theory I3
Select one course from the following:3
Post-Tonal Theory II
Tonal Analysis: Form in Tonal Music
Advanced Post-Tonal Theory
One additional graduate-level seminar or course in musicology/ethnomusicology3-4
Ethnomusicology - select one course from the following:2-4
Introduction to Ethnomusicology
Musical Instruments of the World
Balinese Gamelan (two terms)
MUS 605Reading and Conference: [Topic] 31
Notation Proficiency Exam
Orchestration Proficiency Exam
Comprehensive Exam
Performance of dissertation and final defense
Total Credits102-108

Musicology/Ethnomusicology Courses

MUS 528Cultures of Musical Celebrity3
MUS 551Introduction to Ethnomusicology4
MUS 552Musical Instruments of the World4
MUS 562Popular Musics in the African Diaspora4
MUS 575History of Opera4
MUS 587Music and Emotion4
MUS 614Introduction to Musicology4
MUS 643Notation of Medieval and Renaissance Music3
MUS 660Music in the Middle Ages 13
MUS 661Music in the Renaissance 13
MUS 662Music in the Baroque Era 13
MUS 663Music in the Classical Period 13
MUS 664Music in the Romantic Era 13
MUS 670Graduate Seminar in Musicology: [Topic]4
MUS 671Seminar in Ethnomusicology: [Topic]4
MUS 680Historical Performance Practices I3
MUS 681Historical Performance Practices II3
MUS 682Historical Performance Practices III3
MUS 683Rhetoric and Music4
MUS 684Musical Iconography4