Music Production Minor

With a comprehensive Music Production minor, students learn music production by actually producing music. Students learn to explore the artistic and technical sides of music production within the recording studio facilities at the University of Oregon.

The program offers access to the latest digital technology and a hands-on production curriculum. Students log time in the studio, run cable at concert halls, and operate state-of-the-art mixing consoles in the field. They learn about the science of sound. They even get the opportunity to work with meticulously maintained vintage analog recording equipment.

Program's Admission Requirements

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Music Production Minor Requirements

The minor in music production requires a minimum of 24 credits, 12 of which must be upper-division. A minimum of 14 credits must be taken in residence. Courses applied to the minor must be graded C– or better or P (pass).

Required Courses
MUS 151Popular Songwriting4
MUS 476Digital Audio Workstation Techniques I3
MUS 480Audio Production Techniques I3
Elective Courses14
Music, Money, and the Law
Hip-Hop Music: History, Culture, Aesthetics
The Beatles and Their Times
Film Music
Digital Audio and Sound Design
History of Electroacoustic Music
Digital Audio Workstation Techniques II
Digital Audio Workstation Techniques III
Audio Recording Techniques II
Analog Recording Techniques
Physics of Sound and Music
Total Credits24