Counseling Psychology and Human Services

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Programs in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services educate and train professionals in counseling psychology, couples and family therapy, prevention science, and family and human services. Students are trained to effectively identify, prevent, and treat psychological and public health problems in children, adolescents, adults, and families. At the doctoral level, students extend scientific knowledge through research in collaboration with faculty mentors. Field placements, practicum placements, and internships at all levels of training provide students with opportunities to practice in schools, community agencies, and clinical and research settings under the supervision of faculty members, agency personnel, and collaborating scholars.


Tiffany Brown, senior lecturer (self-harm, family dynamics of addiction, collegiate recovery communities). BS, 2002, MEd, 2005, Oregon; PhD, 2009, Texas Tech. (2011)

Elizabeth Budd, assistant professor (early chronic disease prevention, physical activity and healthy eating promotion, adolescent and community health). BS, 2005, Santa Clara; MPH, 2009, Saint Louis; PhD, 2016, Washington (St. Louis). (2016)

Krista Chronister,  professor (domestic violence, career counseling, community intervention). BS, 1996, Florida; MS, 2000, PhD, 2003, Oregon. (2003)

Jessica Cronce, associate professor (health and risk behaviors among young adults, individual-focused prevention). BS, 1999, Washington (Seattle); MS, 2005, MPhil, 2006, PhD, 2009, Yale. (2015)

Dave DeGarmo, research associate professor (prevention science methodology, longitudinal analysis, fathers and parenting). BA, 1987, Lock Haven; MS, 1989, PhD, 1993, Akron. (2013).

Wendy Hadley, Julie and Keith Thomson Faculty Chair and HEDCO Clinic Director, associate professor (adolescent sexual and substance use risk prevention, adolescent obesity, technology interventions). BS, 1994, University of Florida; MS, 2000, PhD, 2003, University of Memphis. (2019)

Nichole Kelly, assistant professor (obesity prevention and adolescent health, eating disorders, health promotion). BS, 2004, Virginia; PhD, 2013, Virginia Commonwealth. (2016)

Atika Khurana, associate professor (adolescent development and risk-taking, self-regulation and executive functions, family and ecological influences). BS, 2003, MS, 2005, Panjab; PhD, 2009, Ohio State. (2012)

Jean Kjellstrand, assistant professor (corrections-involved families, positive youth development, reentry and preventive interventions). BA, 1989, Carleton College; MSW, 1991, Wisconsin, Madison; PhD, 2009, Portland State. (2014)

Leslie Leve, professor (foster care, adoption, prevention science). BA. 1990, California, Santa Cruz; MS, 1991, PhD, 1995, Oregon. (2013)

Benedict T. McWhirter, professor (adolescents at risk, college student development, connectedness). BA, 1986, Notre Dame; MC, 1988, PhD, 1992, Arizona State. (1997)

Ellen Hawley McWhirter, Ann Swindells Professor in Counseling Psychology (adolescent career development, empowerment, Latino youth academic success). BA, 1983, Notre Dame; MC, 1988, PhD, 1992, Arizona State. (1997)

Bertranna Muruthi, assistant professor (interventions and prevention programs for immigrant families). BA, 2010, MS, 2012, Miami (OH); PhD, 2017, Georgia. (2019)

James Muruthi, assistant professor (family and neighborhood factors, social capital and health disparities among aging marginalized individuals). BS, 2007, MS, 2010, Miami (OH); PhD, 2016, Georgia. (2019)

Elizabeth A. Stormshak, Philip H. Knight Chair; professor (prevention of delinquency, conduct problems, peer rejection). BA, 1988, Washington (Seattle); MS, 1992, PhD, 1995, Pennsylvania State. (1996)

Emily Tanner-Smith, associate professor (applied research methodology, meta-analysis, substance use and addiction). BS. 2003, Belmont; MA, 2007, PhD, 2009, Vanderbilt. (2017)

Jeff Todahl, associate professor (child abuse and neglect prevention, intimate partner violence, community engagement). BA, 1985, Western Washington; MS, 1989, Seattle Pacific; PhD, 1995, Florida State. (1999)

Karrie P. Walters, senior instructor (human services, child and family interventions, prevention and social justice). BA, 1996, North Texas; MA, 2001, Minnesota, Twin Cities; PhD, 2010, Oregon. (2010)


Joseph Arpaia, courtesy assistant professor (clinical hypnosis, autonomic nervous system, mediation and psychotherapy). BS, 1982, California Institute of Technology; MD, 1990, California, Irvine. (2005)

Philip A. Fisher, professor. See Psychology.

Richard D. Freund, courtesy assistant professor (research methods, community college counseling, cognitive therapy). BA, 1966, Brown; PhD, 1971, Stanford. (1975)

Lauren Lindstrom, professor (career development, youth with disabilities, gender equity). BS, 1985, MS, 1991, PhD, 2000, Oregon. (2000)


Henry F. Dizney, professor emeritus. BS, 1954, Southeast Missouri State; MEd, 1955, Wayne State; PhD, 1959, Iowa. (1967)

Gordon A. Dudley, associate professor emeritus. BA, 1956, Kalamazoo; MA, 1959, Colorado; EdD, 1971, Harvard. (1967)

Sally Fullerton, professor emerita. BS, 1956, Oregon State; MA, 1960, Cornell; PhD, 1970, Oregon. (1970)

Weston H. Morrill, professor emeritus. BS, 1960, MS, 1961, Brigham Young; PhD, 1966, Missouri, Columbia. (1990)

Shoshana D. Kerewsky, senior lecturer II emerita. BA, 1983, Swarthmore; MA, 1990, Lesley; PsyD, 1998, Antioch, New England. (1996)

Janet Moursund, associate professor emerita. BA, 1958, Knox; MS, 1961, PhD, 1963, Wisconsin, Madison. (1967)

Anita Runyan, associate professor emerita. BS, 1956, Pacific Union; MS, 1968, PhD, 1972, Oregon. (1972)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

Undergraduate Programs

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