Counseling Psychology and Human Services Graduate Specialization

Spanish Language Psychological Service and Research Graduate Specialization


Ellen McWhirter, Director
240 HEDCO Education Building

The 16-credit Spanish language psychological service and research specialization addresses the deficit in family-centered prevention services for the Spanish-speaking Latino community. It is open to students enrolled in the accredited graduate programs of counseling psychology, couples and family therapy, and school psychology who also meet the eligibility criteria. The specialization provides students with skills to support the provision of culturally relevant mental health services and research in Spanish for Latino populations. It is designed to enhance preexisting linguistic and multicultural competencies and increase cultural understanding of US Spanish-speaking populations. Students critically assess the unique social, historical, political, and cultural contexts that shape the experiences of Latinos in the United States, with particular attention to conditions of social injustice and inequity, and how such conditions influence the health and well-being of Latino Spanish-speaking communities.

Eligibility for this specialization includes maintaining good standing in one of the three specified College of Education graduate programs focused on mental health services, approval from the student's advisor and the director of the specialization, and preexisting competencies in Spanish.