Prevention Science (MS)

Nicole Giuliani and Nichole KellyProgram Directors
240 HEDCO Education Building

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Design, carry out, and evaluate research studies that contribute to the prevention science literature.
  • Demonstrate skill in disseminating their work to diverse audiences via formal academic presentations, instructional activities, and professional/academic writing.
  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of diversity and contextual issues such as culture, identity, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marginalization, poverty, inequality, and religion in their research, applied activities, and professional behavior. \
  • Demonstrate honesty, personal responsibility, and knowledge and appropriate application of relevant ethical and legal codes related to prevention science (e.g., APA Ethical Standards).

Master of Science in Prevention Science

Psychological Foundations19
Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Prevention Science
Contemporary Issues in Public Health
Implementation Science
Health Promotion and Equity
Developmental Psychopathology
Research Methods15
Social Science and Education Research Design
Educational Statistics
Applied Statistical Design and Analysis
Multiple Regression in Educational Research
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Professional Foundations9
Capstone Seminar I
Research: [Topic]
Reading and Conference: [Topic]
Experimental Course: [Topic]
PREV 632
Implementation Science
EDLD 623
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Theories of Counseling
Theories of Career Development
Experimental Course: [Topic]
SPSY 617
Academic and Behavioral Interventions
Foundations of Disability I
Master's Research Project
Total Credits65