Special Education and Clinical Sciences

Ben Clarke, Department Head
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340 HEDCO Education Building

Through teaching, research, and service, the Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences seeks to improve the quality of education, employment, and community living for children and adults with special needs and their families. The department has three graduate majors: communication disorders and sciences, school psychology, and special education. The department also offers an undergraduate degree in communication disorders and sciences as well as a minor in special education.


Gina Biancarosa, professor (measurement, reading difficulties, reading comprehension). BA, 1992, Boston College; MEd, 1999, EdD, 2006, Harvard. (2009)

Jeanine Brush, clinic supervisor. BS, 2007, MS, 2009, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (2015)

Chad Catron, instructor (American Sign Language). BA, 2014, California State, Fresno; MA, 2017, Gallaudet. (2019)

Ben Clarke, associate professor (math assessment and intervention; school psychology). BS, 1997, Wabash; MA, 2001, PhD, 2002, Oregon (2016).

Lauren Cycyk, assistant professor (early language development, Spanish-English dual language development, caregiver-influenced language development). BA, 2004, George Washington; MS, 2007, Arizona State; PhD, 2016, Temple. (2016)

Stephanie De Anda, assistant professor (early language acquisition, bilingualism, language intervention). BS, 2011, PhD, 2017, California, San Diego. (2017)

Lillian Duran, associate professor. BA, 1995, Antioch College; MA, 1999, George Washington; PhD, 2008, Minnesota, Twin Cities. (2015)

Karen Durany, senior lecturer (anatomy and physiology, aphasia, family advocacy). BA, 1991, Colorado, Boulder; MA, 1996, PhD, 2001, Oregon. (2000)

Jessica L. Fanning, clinical associate professor (fluency disorders, behavior management, intervention design with cultural humility). BA, 1989, MA, 1996, University of Colorado, Boulder; PhD, 2007, Oregon, Post Doc, 2011, Oregon. (2011).

Nicole R. Giuliani, assistant professor (cognitive and affective science, translational neuroscience, obesity prevention), BA, 2003, Pennsylvania; PhD, 2011, Stanford (2016).

Beth Harn, associate professor (learning disabilities, assessment, instructional design). BA, 1991, MS, 1994, California State, Fresno; PhD, 2000, Oregon. (2006)

Wendy Machalicek, associate professor (low-incidence disabilities, autism, early intervention). BS, 2000, North Texas; MEd, 2004, PhD, 2008, Texas, Austin. (2011)

Katie Mason, clinic supervisor (speech-language pathology). BA, 2003, MS, 2005, Oregon. (2012)

Kent McIntosh, professor (behavior management, research design, applied behavior analysis); director, educational and community supports. BA, 1997, Duke; MS, 2003, PhD, 2005, Oregon. (2012)

Laura Lee McIntyre, professor (developmental disabilities, early intervention, home-school collaboration). BA, 1997, La Sierra; MA, 2000, PhD, 2003, California, Riverside. (2009)

Jennifer Meyer, associate clinical professor; director, clinic education. BS, 2000, MS, 2002, Southern Illinois. (2010)

Christopher J. Murray, professor (secondary special education and transition). BA, 1989, University of Maryland, College Park; MEd, 1992, Howard; PhD, 1998, Washington, Seattle. (2006)

Rhonda N. T. Nese, assistant professor (alternatives to exclusionary discipline, positive behavioral interventions and supports, implementation and sustainability of equitable schools). BA, 2004, Maryland; MEd, 2008, Howard; PhD, 2013, Oregon. (2016)

Elise Peltier, clinical associate professor; clinic supervisor. BA, 1998, Oregon; MS, 2008, Northern Arizona. (2012)

Billie Jo Rodriguez, lecturer (applied behavior analysis, multi-tiered systems of support, educational consultation and collaboration). BS, 2005, Central Arkansas; MS, 2008, PhD, 2010, Oregon. (2015)

Geovanna Rodriguez, assistant professor (Autism Spectrum Disorder, school climate and mental health, bullying, teacher professional development). BA, 2009, California, Los Angeles; MA, 2015, PhD, 2017, California, Riverside. (2019)

John R. Seeley, professor (emotional and behavioral disorders). BS, 1985, MS, 1991, PhD, 2001, Oregon. (2015)  

Stephanie Shire, assistant professor (early intervention, autism spectrum disorders, community-based intervention). BA, 2008, MEd, 2010, Alberta; MA, 2013, PhD, 2013, California, Los Angeles. (2017)

Samantha Shune, assistant professor (dysphagia, aging). BA, 2005, Michigan, Ann Arbor; MA, 2007, Ohio State; PhD, 2014, Iowa. (2014)

McKay Moore Sohlberg, professor (cognitive rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury). BA, 1982, Stanford; MS, 1984, PhD, 1990, Washington, Seattle. (1995)

Sylvia Thompson, associate professor (learning disabilities, English learners, literacy). BS, 1988, Texas, Austin. MS, 1992, Miami. PhD, 1999, Texas, Austin. (2015)

Deanne Unruh, research associate professor (secondary special education and transition, high-risk adolescents, program evaluation). BS, 1985, MS, 1991, Kansas; PhD, 2001, Oregon. (2001)

Valentino Vasquez, instructor (American Sign Language). BA, 1997, MA, 1998, Northern Colorado. (2011)

Angela J. Whalen, clinical professor (professional practices in school psychology, clinical supervision, educational assessment and intervention). BA, 1996, St. Thomas; PhD, 2002, Oregon. (2003)


Barbara D. Bateman, professor emerita. BS, 1954, Washington (Seattle); MA, 1958, San Francisco State; PhD, 1962, Illinois; JD, 1976, Oregon. (1966)

Diane D. Bricker, professor emerita. BA, 1959, Ohio State; MS, 1965, Oregon; PhD, 1970, George Peabody. (1978)

Ned J. Christensen, professor emeritus. BA, 1954, MA, 1955, Brigham Young; PhD, 1959, Pennsylvania State. (1962)

Russell M. Gersten, professor emeritus. BA, 1967, Brandeis; PhD, 1978, Oregon. (1977)

Elizabeth G. Glover, assistant professor emerita. BS, 1959, Tufts; MS, 1963, EdD, 1974, North Carolina, Greensboro. (1964)

Robert H. Horner, professor emeritus. BA, 1971, Stanford; MS, 1975, Washington State; PhD, 1978, Oregon. (1976)

Marilyn A. Nippold, professor emeritus. BA, 1972, California, Los Angeles; MA, 1976, California State, Long Beach; PhD, 1982, Purdue. (1982)

Kenneth Viegas, associate professor emeritus. BS, 1956, Oregon; MSW, 1963, California, Berkeley. (1967)

Hill M. Walker, professor emeritus. BA, 1962, Eastern Oregon; MA, 1964, PhD, 1967, Oregon. (1966)

Ruth Waugh, professor emerita. BS, 1957, Southern Oregon State; MS, 1963, PhD, 1971, Oregon. (1963)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

Undergraduate Programs

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