Special Education Minor

Elisa Jamgochian, Coordinator
340 HEDCO Education Building

The special education minor teaches the foundational knowledge and experiences for those who plan to pursue a career in general teaching or special education teaching, work with individuals with disabilities, or tackle challenges concerning people with special needs. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, some course credits can be applied toward the requirements for an Oregon special educator teaching license.

Special Education Minor Requirements

The requirements for the minor consist of 7 core credits and 17 elective credits. Electives provide students with a breadth of interdisciplinary options. Students may plan a course of study that introduces them to the field of special education and prepares them to begin a licensure program, focusing on classroom settings and specific instructional skills and strategies for teaching students with disabilities. Other major course work such as English, comparative literature, law, journalism, architecture, arts administration, business, or planning, public policy and management may be augmented by completing minor course work focused on broad issues concerning people with disabilities. The option provides an enhanced understanding of perspectives on disability and issues in each student's chosen profession.

Minor Requirements

Required course credits7
Electives 117
Total Credits24

Application and Admission

Before applying to the minor program, students must complete at least 1 credit of Practicum: [Topic] (SPED 406) (or have a Petition to Waiver form on file with the minor coordinator), Seminar: [Topic] (SPED 407), and Foundations of Disability I (SPED 411) with a minimum grade of B– or P. Students apply to the department and are assigned a minor advisor, who helps plan a course of study. Applications are available online.