School Psychology Graduate Certificate


Upon completion of specialist-level training in school psychology at the University of Oregon, students will be prepared for careers in the field, providing leadership and delivering school psychological services in K-12 schools and related settings. This preparation involves completion of four objectives that are reflective of our mission, values, and program philosophy. Each objective is linked to specific competencies which delineate specific behaviors students will engage in to demonstrate mastery of an objective.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Master foundational knowledge in the ten domains of school psychology practice (NASP, 2020).
  • Demonstrate proficiency of practice/applied skills in the ten domains of school psychology practice (NASP, 2020).
  • Demonstrate skills in leadership and professional service.
  • Develop patterns of professional behavior and participate in experiences consistent with becoming a lifelong learner in the field of school psychology.

The ten domains of school psychology practice are defined by the NASP (2020) Standards for Graduate Training and Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services and include:
1. Data-based decision making.
2. Consultation and collaboration.
3. Academic interventions and supports.
4. Mental and behavioral health services.
5. School-wide practices to promote learning.
6. Services to promote safe and supportive schools.
7. Family, school, and community collaboration.
8. Equitable practices for diverse populations.
9. Research and evidence-based practice.
10. Legal, ethical, and professional practice.