Landscape Architecture Minor

Landscape architecture is a highly collaborative profession. Our minor exposes you to the histories, theories, and processes by which landscapes of all kinds are shaped and modified. Completing a minor in Landscape Architecture trains you to understand how decisions by designers, planners, and land managers influence the form and function of the landscapes we experience everyday.

Minor in Landscape Architecture

To earn a minor in landscape architecture, students file a declaration form with the program director. Once admitted, students remain in contact with the director for personalized advising.

Minor candidates are given preference on course waiting lists over nondepartmental students. Students in the minor should inform instructors when asking permission to enroll. To declare the minor, complete the following:

  1. Obtain the Undergraduate Minor Declaration Form from the School of Architecture and Environment office, 210 Lawrence Hall. The form includes a curriculum worksheet with the requirements listed below.
  2. Meet with the program director to discuss when courses are offered, which topics courses or seminars will be offered to fulfill minor requirements, and to develop a curricular plan.
  3. Return the completed and signed form to the department office.

Minor Requirements (26 credits)

LA 260Understanding Landscapes4
LA 413Analyzing Landscape Systems4
One subject area course in plants from list below4
One subject area course in history and theory from list below4
Elective courses10
Total Credits26

Subject Areas

LA 326Plants: Fall4
LA 327Plants: Winter4
LA 328Spring Plants4
LA 337Landscape Field Work: [Topic] (any plants topic)1-4
LA 390Urban Farm2-4
History and Theory
LA 199Special Studies: [Topic] (Design for a Sustainable World)4
LA 407Seminar: [Topic] (Landscape Architecture Theory)4
LA 474History of Landscape Architecture I4
Elective Courses
Any landscape architecture (LA) courses; Urban Farm (LA 390) may be repeated if taken during different terms
Studio Options 1