Michael Zaretsky, Department Head
210 Lawrence Hall
1206 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1206

Portland Architecture Programs
70 NW Couch St.
Portland, Oregon 97209


Students of architecture learn how to make physical changes to their surroundings that enhance the quality of the built environment and their community's experience of life. Within this broad purpose, architectural study and practice include the tasks of providing shelter and environmental protection, providing appropriate settings for human activities, and creating forms that are aesthetically pleasing and supportive of social well-being. In the context of rapid urbanization, climate change, transforming economies, emerging technologies, growing inequalities, and other challenges, the potential impact and value of architectural design has never been greater.

Because interdisciplinary collaboration is key to the practice of architecture, the Department of Architecture shares classes and facilities with the Interior Architecture Program and  the Department of Landscape Architecture in Eugene and the Historic Preservation Program in Portland, all units within the College of Design's School of Architecture and Environment.

A central part of education in the field of architecture is the design studio, where students learn by doing—hands-on application of knowledge and skills toward the design of buildings. This type of learning is demanding, and students are expected to stay motivated and work independently and responsibly toward program and course objectives. In the design studio, continuous evaluation and response are the basic learning modes.

The department sets high standards for student performance. Advanced students often work together in courses and as collaborators with faculty members in research investigations through independent-study courses.


Kyu-Ho Ahn, associate professor (interior architecture). BFA, 1992, Hong-Ik; MFA, Iowa State. NCIDQ certificate. (2008)

Juli Brode, senior instructor.

G. Z. Brown, professor (design, environmental control systems, effect of energy and material conservation on architectural form). BA, 1964, MA, 1966, Michigan State; MBA, 1971, Akron; MArch, 1974, Yale; reg. architect, Oregon; fellow, American Institute of Architects. (1977)

Virginia Cartwright, associate professor (design, Finnish architecture, lighting). AB, 1975, California, Berkeley; MArch, 1981, Oregon. (1986)

Nancy Yen-Wen Cheng, associate professor (design, digital media). BA, 1983, Yale; MArch, 1990, Harvard; reg. architect, Massachusetts (inactive); NCARB certificate. (1996)

Donald B. Corner, professor (design, construction systems, housing production). BA, 1970, Dartmouth College; MArch, 1974, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, Massachusetts. (1979)

Howard Davis, professor (design, urban vernacular architecture, culturally sustainable urban districts); director, graduate studies. BS, 1968, Cooper Union; MS, 1970, Northwestern; MArch, 1974, California, Berkeley; Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Distinguished Professor. (1986)

Mark Donofrio, associate professor (design, structures, interdisciplinary design). BA, 2004, Illinois, Chicago; MArch, 2006, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; reg. architect, Illinois. (2010)

Stephen F. Duff, associate professor (design; structures, construction, and design-build; naval architecture). BA, 1985, Washington (Seattle); MArch, 1988, MS, 1993, California, Berkeley. (1994)

Ihab Elzeyadi, professor (design, environmental control systems). BArch, 1988, Graduate Diploma in Architectural Engineering, 1990, Ain Shams University; MS, 1996, Pennsylvania State; PhD, 2001, Wisconsin, Milwaukee; reg. architect, reg. engineer, Egypt. (2001)

Michael E. Fifield, professor (design, housing, urban design). BA, 1973, California, Berkeley; MArch, 1980, California, Los Angeles; reg. architect, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho; NCARB certificate; fellow, American Institute of Architects; member, American Institute of Certified Planners. (1998)

Gerald Gast, associate professor (urban and architectural design, urban studies). BArch, 1967, MArch, 1969, Illinois; reg. architect, California. (1994)

Donald Genasci, professor (history and theory, architecture and urban design). BArch, 1963, Oregon; Dipl. in Urban Design, 1965, Architecture Association; MA, 1974, Essex; reg. architect, Oregon, NCARB certificate; Architects' Registration Council of the United Kingdom. (1977)

Mark Gillem, professor (urban design, social and cultural factors in design). BArch, 1989, Kansas; MArch, 1996, PhD, 2004, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, California, South Dakota; NCARB certificate; member, American Institute of Architects, American Institute of Certified Planners. (2005)

James W. Givens, senior instructor (design, design theory and process). BArch, 1985, MArch, 1989, Oregon. (1986)

Esther Hagenlocher, associate professor (architecture, interior architecture). Certificate of Profession—Cabinet Maker, 1987, Technical College, Stuttgart; DiplIng, 1994, State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart; MArch, 1998, University College, London; reg. architect, Germany (inactive). (2004)

Peter A. Keyes, associate professor (design, housing research and building technology, community design). AB, 1978, Harvard; MArch, 1983, Columbia; reg. architect, New York (inactive). (1990)

Solmaz Mohammadzadeh Kive, assistant professor (interior, history and theory). MArch, 2005, Shahid Beheshti; MArch, 2010, McGill; reg. architect, Tehran. (2017)

Alison G. Kwok, professor (design, environmental control systems). BA, 1977, Knox; MEd, 1980, Hawaii; MArch, 1990, PhD, 1997, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, California, Oregon; NCARB certificate; certified passive house consultant. (1998)

Nico Larco, professor (design, urban design, suburban development). BA, BArch, 1996, Cornell; MArch, MCUP, 2001, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, Massachusetts, NCARB certificate. (2005)

Erin Moore, associate professor (design, technology, media). BA, 1996, Smith; MArch, 2003, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, Arizona; NCARB certificate. (2008)

Brook Muller, associate professor (design theory, environmentally responsive architecture); associate dean for academic affairs. BA, 1987, Brown; MArch, 1992, Oregon. (2004)

Hans Joachim Neis, associate professor (urban and architectural design and theory). DiplIng, Darmstadt, 1976; MArch, 1979, MCP, 1980, PhD, 1989, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, urban designer, Germany. (2000)

Kevin Nute, professor (design history and theory, time-sensitive buildings). BA, 1981, BArch, 1985, Nottingham; PhD, 1993, Cambridge. (2000)

Otto P. Poticha, adjunct associate professor (design, architectural practice, community involvement in physical change). BS, 1958, Cincinnati; reg. architect, California, Colorado, Illinois (inactive), New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia (inactive), Washington, Washington, D.C. (inactive); NCARB certificate; fellow, American Institute of Architects. (1962)

Siobhan Rockcastle, assistant professor (design, lighting, environmental psychology); director, Baker Lighting Laboratory. BArch, 2008, Cornell; SMArchS, 2011, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PhD, 2017, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. (2017)

John S. Rowell, associate professor (design, construction, building enclosure). BS, 1984, British Columbia; MArch, 1990, Oregon; reg. architect, Washington, Oregon, California; NCARB certificate; member, American Institute of Architects. (1996)

Judith E. Sheine, professor (design, history and theory, housing). AB, 1975, Brown; MArch, 1979, Princeton; reg. architect, California. (2012)

Philip Speranza, associate professor (design, design communications). BS, 1997, Virginia; MArch, 2002, Columbia; reg. architect, California, New York. (2011)

Robert L. Thallon, associate professor (design, media, construction). BA, 1966, California, Berkeley; MArch, 1973, Oregon; reg. architect, Oregon, California. (1979)

Roxi Thoren, associate professor. See Landscape Architecture.

James T. Tice, professor (urban design, architectural history and theory). BArch, 1968, MArch, 1970, Cornell; reg. architect, California. (1990)

Glenda Fravel Utsey, associate professor (design, site-specific process and skill development, settlement patterns). BArch, 1971, MLA, 1977, Oregon. (1981)

Kevin G. Van Den Wymelenberg, professor; director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory. BS, 2000, Wisconsin, Milwaukee; MArch, 2002, PhD, 2012, Washington (Seattle). (2015)

Daisy-O’lice Ida Williams, associate professor (design, design communications); BS, 2002, MArch, 2005, Florida A&M. (2011)

Jenny Young, professor (design, programming, health-care facilities). BA, 1970, Vassar; MArch, 1974, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, Oregon. (1982)

Linda K. Zimmer, associate professor (design, media, behavioral factors). BIArch, 1982, Kansas State; MIArch, 1990, Oregon; NCIDQ certificate; member, Institute of Business Designers. (1990)


Edward Allen, courtesy professor (technical teaching program). BArch, 1962, Minnesota; MArch, 1964, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, Massachusetts. (2001)


Wilmot G. Gilland, professor emeritus. AB, 1955, MFA, 1960, Princeton; reg. architect, California, Oregon; Fellow, American Institute of Architects. (1969)

Arthur W. Hawn, professor emeritus. BA, 1961, MA, 1964, Washington State; Fellow, Interior Design Educators Council. (1967)

Earl E. Moursund, professor emeritus. BS, 1949, Texas; MArch, 1951, Cranbrook Academy of Art; reg. architect, Texas. (1955)

Gary W. Moye, associate professor emeritus. BArch, 1967, Oregon; MArch, 1968, Pennsylvania; reg. architect, Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon. (1976)

Donald L. Peting, associate professor emeritus; assistant dean, architecture and allied arts. BArch, 1962, Illinois; MArch, 1963, California, Berkeley; reg. architect, Oregon, Washington. (1963)

James A. Pettinari, professor emeritus. BArch, 1966, Minnesota; MArch, 1970, Pennsylvania; reg. architect, Minnesota; NCARB certificate. (1975)

Guntis Plesums, professor emeritus. BArch, 1961, Minnesota; MArch, 1964, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; reg. architect, Oregon, New York. (1969)

John S. Reynolds, professor emeritus. BArch, 1962, Illinois; MArch, 1967, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; reg. architect, Oregon; fellow,  American Institute of Architects; Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Distinguished Professor. (1967)

Michael D. Utsey, associate professor emeritus. BArch, 1967, Texas; MEvD, 1971, Yale; reg. architect, Oregon. (1967)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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