Architecture Minor

The Minor in Architecture exposes students to fundamental principles of architecture through coursework that integrates design thinking, place making with human behavior and need.

Minor Requirements: 26 credits

ARCH 201Introduction to Architecture4
ARCH 484Architectural Design (only required for interior architecture and landscape architecture majors) 16
Electives (see table below; any students outside of interior architecture and landscape architecture must take 22 credits of electives)16
Total Credits26


DSGN 3214
ARCH 407Seminar: [Topic] (Renaissance Architecture)1-6
ARCH 407Seminar: [Topic] (Sustainable Urbanism)1-6
ARCH 409Terminal Project (Off-Campus Experience)1-6
ARCH 430Architectural Contexts: Place and Culture4
ARCH 439Minimal Dwelling3
ARCH 440Human Context of Design4
ARCH 450Spatial Composition4
ARCH 491Environmental Control Systems I4
ARCH 492Environmental Control Systems II4

It is possible to take other architecture courses and apply them to the minor with the permission of the instructor.

Undergraduates who are enrolled in any major may apply to the minor. Completed applications including a statement of support from the student’s major advisor are submitted to the Department of Architecture office. Applicants must make an appointment with the architecture advisor to discuss their plan of study. Because the department’s first obligation is to its majors, it cannot guarantee availability of courses for minors. Minors may register if space is available after the needs of majors have been met. Space for enrollment in the minor program is limited.