Planning, Public Policy and Management

Renee A. Irvin, PhD, School Director
147A Hendricks Hall
1209 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1209

The School of Planning, Public Policy and Management is nationally known for academic rigor, intellectual leadership, innovative and applied instruction, and its inclusive and equitable climate. The school's faculty and administrative staff members are dedicated to

  • core curricula and specialized courses that craft solutions to address inequity
  • diversity in the composition of faculty, students, and professionals
  • an environment that is open and welcoming, striving in particular to be inclusive to those traditionally marginalized in society
  • informed theory and empirical evidence
  • engaging the civic community -- public, private, and nonprofit -- in democratic processes addressing economic, environmental, and social issues
  • seeking innovative ideas and approaches from around the world and testing their transferability from one area of the globe to another
  • ecological, social, and economic sustainability


Lisa Abia-Smith, senior instructor (art and special populations, art and museum education, arts in health care); director, educational outreach, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. BA, 1989, St. Mary’s College of California; MA, 1992, John F. Kennedy. (1997)

John Arroyo, assistant professor (urban studies, community development, inclusive urbanism). BA, 2002, Southern California; MCP, 2010, Cornell; PhD, 2018, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2018)

Anne Brown, assistant professor (transportation planning, mobility). BA, 2010, Macalester; MURP, 2014, California, Los Angeles. (2018)

Robert J. Choquette, senior instructor (strategic planning, project management); graduate programs coordinator. BS, 1982, MUP, 1991, Oregon. (1991)

Ben Clark, associate professor (public management, crowdsourcing, local government management). BA, 1999, Indiana, Bloomington; MPA, 2000, Syracuse; PhD, 2009, Georgia. (2016)

Renee A. Irvin, associate professor (nonprofit and philanthropic sector economics, wealth policy). BA, 1984, Oregon; MA, 1991, PhD, 1998, Washington (Seattle). (2001)

Patricia Lambert, professor (performing arts, cultural policy). BM, 1990, Indiana; MA, 1997, Webster; MAS, 1998, International Center for Culture and Management; PhD, 2004, Ohio State. (2003)

Laura Leete, associate professor (poverty and social policy, work-force policy, nonprofit economics). BA, 1982, California, Berkeley; MA, 1988, PhD, 1992, Harvard. (2007)

Rebecca C. Lewis, associate professor (land-use policy, sustainable development, state and local finance). BA, 2006, Kentucky; MPP, 2008, PhD, 2011, Maryland, College Park. (2013)

Richard D. Margerum, professor (environmental planning and management, planning processes, conflict management). BA, 1987, Wittenberg; MCP, 1989, Cincinnati; MS, 1992, PhD, 1995, Wisconsin, Madison. (2001)

Dyana Mason, associate professor (nonprofit management, charitable giving, public management). BA, 1993, Southern California; MBA, 2010, William and Mary; PhD, 2014, Southern California. (2014)

Jessica Matthiesen, senior instructor (nonprofit management, program development, public service); director, undergraduate program and internship. BS, 1997, MPA, 2009, Oregon. (2012)

José Meléndez, assistant professor (civic engagement, designing participatory processes, Latino immigrants). BA, 2001, Oberlin; MEd, 2009; PhD, 2016, Illinois, Chicago. (2018)

Nicole S. Ngo, associate professor (health economics, environmental policy, urban sustainability). BA, BS, 2006, California, Irvine; MA, 2010, PhD, 2013, Columbia. (2013)

Eleonora Redaelli, associate professor. Laurea, 1997, Università degli Studi di Milano; DMA, 2000, Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppi Verdi; PhD, 2008, Ohio State. (2014)

Gerard Sandoval, professor (economic and community development, urban revitalization, immigrant neighborhoods). BS, 2000, California, Davis; MCP, 2002, PhD, 2007, California, Berkeley. (2010)

Marc Schlossberg, professor (geographic information systems, social planning, transportation planning). BBA, 1987, Texas, Austin; MUP, 1995, San Jose State; PhD, 2001, Michigan. (2001)

Julie Voelker-Morris, senior instructor.  BA, 1996, Augustana College; MS, 2002, Oregon. (2014)

Yizhao Yang, associate professor (environmental planning, sustainable living design and analysis, geographic information systems). BArch, 1995, Tianjin; MS, 1998, Tsinghua; MRP, 2001, PhD, 2007, Cornell. (2006)


Donald G. Holtgrieve, adjunct assistant professor (local government planning). See Geography.

Cassandra Moseley, courtesy assistant professor (natural resource policy, community-based conservation). BA, 1990, Cornell; MA, 1993, MPhil, 1994, PhD, 1999, Yale. (2002)


Doug Blandy, professor emeritus (art and community service, art and special populations). BS, 1974, Ohio; MA, 1979, PhD, 1983, Ohio State. (1987)

Gaylene Carpenter, associate professor emerita. BA, 1965, MS, 1973, California State, Long Beach; EdD, 1980, Temple. (1983)

Rogena M. Degge, professor emerita. BA, 1964, Fresno State; MS, 1972, PhD, 1975, Oregon. (1979)

Bryan T. Downes, professor emeritus. BS, 1962, MS, 1963, Oregon; PhD, 1966, Washington (St. Louis). (1976)

Linda F. Ettinger, associate professor emerita. BFA, Southwest Missouri State; MS, 1973, Illinois State; PhD, 1983, Oregon. (1982)

Maradel K. Gale, associate professor emerita. BA, 1961, Washington State; MA, 1967, Michigan State; JD, 1974, Oregon. (1974)

Judith H. Hibbard, professor emerita. BS, 1974, California State, Northridge; MPH, 1975, California, Los Angeles; DrPH, 1982, California, Berkeley. (1982)

Michael Hibbard, professor emeritus. BS, 1968, California Polytechnic; MSW, 1971, San Diego State; PhD, 1980, California, Los Angeles. (1980)

Carl J. Hosticka, associate professor emeritus. BA, 1965, Brown; PhD, 1976, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (1977)

Beverly J. Jones, associate professor emerita. BS, 1967, Oregon College of Education; MS, 1976, PhD, 1977, Oregon. (1977)

David C. Povey, professor emeritus. BS, 1963, Lewis and Clark; MUP, 1969, PhD, 1972, Cornell. (1973)

Jean Stockard, professor emerita. BA, 1969, MA, 1972, PhD, 1974, Oregon. (1974)

Kenneth C. Tollenaar, director emeritus. BA, 1950, Reed; MA, 1953, Minnesota. (1966)

Edward C. Weeks, associate professor emeritus. BA, 1973, PhD, 1978, California, Irvine. (1978)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Nico Larco, architecture

Robert G. Ribe, landscape architecture

Anita M. Weiss, international studies

Major - Bachelor's Degree


Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program provides an interdisciplinary liberal arts education that prepares students for work in the fields of planning, policy, and public and nonprofit administration. Through coursework that integrates theory and practice, the curriculum focuses on the ways governments, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions solve public problems. Students explore the economic, social, and environmental characteristics of communities and systems of governance to determine effective ways to advance the public’s goals. The practical, solutions-based curriculum helps students develop knowledge and skills pertaining to core issues related to planning, public policy, public administration, and nonprofit administration, as well as more in-depth knowledge in a chosen field of interest. Academic coursework and learning opportunities such as internships and applied courses create a hands-on educational climate that is both exciting and challenging.