Interior Architecture

Esther Hagenlocher, Department Head
210 Lawrence Hall
1206 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1206

The Department of  Interior Architecture provides a comprehensive professional design education within a unique interdisciplinary structure. By integrating subject-area coursework with studio design exploration, the program prepares students to act as independent problem-solvers and valuable design-team members.

Shared coursework with architecture in the early stages of the undergraduate or graduate curricula provides an interdisciplinary context for study and learning, leading to advanced courses and studies that explore theory, technology, and practice.

Central to the department is the design studio, where students gain experience with the design of interior spaces and elements and focus on the issues and conditions related to adapting existing sites and buildings. Topical intermediate studios concentrate on specific design issues, human factors, and building types. Specialized intermediate studios focus on the programming, design, and fabrication of furniture, and on construction documents that illustrate a small design project. A final independent two-term comprehensive project caps the design studio experience.


Kyu-Ho Ahn, associate professor. See Architecture.

Solmaz Mohammadzadeh Kive, assistant professor. See Architecture.

Esther Hagenlocher, associate professor. See Architecture.

Linda K. Zimmer, associate professor. See Architecture.

Major - Bachelor's Degree